Saturday, 11 May 2013

Dirt Hunt #4/2013 - 4 Rings in a matter of 30 minutes !

I decided to take My E-trac for a spin before it sells off :-)
Didn't want to go to far away, so went to my usual 5 minute walk park that is overhunted by everyone in the last 30 years :-)

My first target was pulltab (as i wanted to dig all signals for gold) , seconds target was sweet silver sound, that i dug up without looking at the numbers :

The Next was 2c piece, but 4th Signal was a surface one, and here we come :

It is Indian Style ring, where stone is set the way it will touch the skin. i will defo need to test the stone ;-)

Then i had couple of 2-1c piece and got another Silver Signal!, i thought it would be a coin, but no :

In the next 3 targets a got a copper "love" ring making it 4 rings for the first 30 minutes of detecting :)
I really like the soil now- moist , but not leaky yet. so it was really easy to dig.

Here are all of the finds :

So once again, E-trac is still up for grabs for 1620$ :-) and as you can see - it does it job very well

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ring Sizer...

Hi All,
In a desperate attempt to rise money for my Australian trip, i will be selling my best ring finds with stones.
so to do it properly i needed the Ring Sizer.
For obvious reasons i looked up on trademe and snaped an awesome deal of Ring sizer + the set of Finger sizer for 30$ shipped!

So be ready for my a post with cool pictures of rings and price i want for them :-)

cheers, max 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Dirt Hunt #2/2013 - 4$ spill ;-)

Had about 1 hour last week to spare in the park, while waiting for Elena from work,

So used my Etrac to get some spare change :-) - so was digging only 12-3X 12-4X signals in a small area where people usually sit on the grass.
1 Hour- got about 15$ , not too bad :-) and here is a spill :