Saturday, 25 February 2012

Another Beach- Another Ring :D

Hi all.
Today was a busy outdoors day with my partner and her family.
Didn't have that much time for detecting, but managed 20-30 minutes at 3 different places .

Omaha - silver earring
Tawharanui - 6$ and Silver Ring
Secret location, Virgin ground (20 minutes of detecting) - 3$ and 2 Sixpence and Half Penny.
Really interesting combination of old coins as could be seen below :
1939 1940 1941 :D

I will be going back to 3d place to get more of old coins (hopefully)

Total Finds:

After numerous visits to Omaha (My partners favorite beach) i decided to dig down dry sand area to check the depth - Gave up after 1m +  :

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

1930 School with Chris


Chris and me finished the old school with a good result, so take a minute to watch the video and visit Chris's blog

Just a Quick update on one of the school-badges:

As you can see marking on the back for Theo Meyer - 

I probably will return it to the school to be displayed on their History Board or something Like that :D

Coins As per years from this hunt :

Friday, 17 February 2012

Midnight Haunting... i mean hunting :D

Good Midnight :D

Just returned from a local beach with a couple of cool finds,
For a start i've dug up some heavy metal that i had to leave behind:

And then... you know me... when i go to the beach, what do i find? that is correct...:

And absolutely neat 18K gold ring :D
Other finds 10 UK penny and interesting New York Aquarium Token made out of penny 

Have a good day! ;D

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Secret Sacred beach hunt after work

Good night, morning i would say..
Andrew and I went for just 2 hours scouting in an area where we thought a lot of hunters would be digging. But for our surprise, area turned to be nicely packed with stuff.
Andrew got 2 pendants (one brass another silver plated) and i got awesome trio as below :

The only 3d pendant is Silver 925 with Zirconium stones (actually looks really nice)
There were some coins as well, but not much- about 4$ in total.
We are defo going back to the beach for a propper scan, rather than scouting- once we finish, i will disclose the location.

Thanks for popping in the Blog and have a good night!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

I got a Lamborghini! :D

Good morning everyone. i didnt have time last night to post the findings, so doing it today.
Me and Andrew decided to go to Cheltenham‎ last night as we had only couple of hours for hunting.
As you might know i have already visited the area where i found 3 silvers in total.
We stayed till the moon shine and it was absolutely wicked to hunt in the moon light :D
Anyway, here are my findings for the evening:

Lambo! :

Now i have Lambo and Ferrari! ... Bugatti to go for my garage :D
Anyway... you know me... everytime i go for i hunt, i usually find what? correct... Ring(s) today was not an exception and i got another LOVE ring and around the world crap ring....

But wait for it.....

.... 9K 5 diamond ring as well :

And the Totals are as below:

Have fun, and see you at the beach!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sexy Metal Detecting

Today was an interesting trip 30 KM away from Auckland to a secret location.
We did stuck in the traffic, so had only about an hour to hunt in a park and a small beach.

So the park is really old and treas had big deep roots.and that is exactly where i have found an absolutely fantastic Vintage Brass Beer Opener!!! Check out my Sexy lady! :
At the same park  all of the coins from the total picture (including 1964 sixpence) -that gives a posibility of silvers in the area..

...with the dusk we went to a small line  of beach where i pulled small silver pendant with 3 stones on a silver chain- that completed my finds for the day and we went back to Auckland.

So, metal detecting could be SEXY! :D

Sunday, 5 February 2012

One simply does not walk into Mordor...Or Goes Detecting

Hi my fellow Detectors and other public.

Today was an interesting day that started 6:30 am when Chris picked me up for our special hunt in a secret location.

We got to The Spot at 7 Am started our hunt with a last decimal edition 20C piece for me and old penny for Chris. The area is really nice and clean of rubbish and most of the targets were coins an other keeper items.

Ding Ding. and i found the Ring of the day - "Lord of the Rings edition" - just silver plated, but really cool with Elven Message :
Shortly after i was the first to pull Silver coin - 1934 #pence ! ::D in a really nice condition! and right after - Shilling 1934. There were heaps of Pennys and other coins.

the total is here :

We finished 10 am as weather was getting nice for a chance and my partner wanted go to the beach - Omaha.

So obviously i took my MD with me  :D
I usually hate digging up those buried drink can at the beach- but today was a different story - a full can of Coke! :D Also found a small pistol shell that has SuperX on it.

Total $$$ = 18.6

See you later and have a nice day !