Sunday, 24 June 2012

One week of Holiday in RAROTONGA part#2 Video :-)

Thanks for stopping by :-)
I've decided not to show endless coil swings, but the best parts of the adventure .

Hope you liked it

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

One week of Holiday in RAROTONGA part#1 -Photos

Good day everyone ,
I know some of you are waiting impatiently for my story about my trip to Raro.
We stayed for a week at Manea beach villas (Muri Lagoon) , where i was cleaning the area apposite one of the hotels.
My research paid off - noone ever detected the area. I was doing about 3 hours a day . Detecting while snorkeling. And. OH MAN! there were so many targets! you would not believe!
I think i was able o cover only 0.001% of the area with targets. I also had a big help from the current - it was really strong with tide coming - dragging all light items  into dead spot. - so i had a very limited ammount of crap/light  targets like pull tabs.

Area of detecting is between main shore and an atoll :

the depth is as seen above- waist deep during low tide and goes up 0.5m during high tide - so i could detect any time regardless of the tide.I did take my Sandscoop with my- but abandoned it the first day.
The reason for that is that all items go into reef  "pores" and stay there. so in order to retrieve the item- i had to "wave away" all sand from the spot with a hand and then try to extract the item  (i will have all that in the video in PART#2 once i compile all the episodes):

Here what it looks like after removing sand and trying to get an item out (this one was filmed by my partner where i actually abandoned 10c coin after 5 minutes - couldn't get it out)

I know people do not like to read a long long stories. so this post will be pretty short :-)
My total finds were about 350coins (the below picture doesnt have all of them as it was made only half way through)

Brakedown as following :

Cook Island coins:
5$ * 12
2$* 19
Total 120$ spendable
NZ coins:


Total 130$ spendable
1 Penny 192
2 Florins 1949/1964
+some AU dollars etc....

Total Rings were about 15 at the end of the trip, But main finds are as below:

Top are 5 Silver Rings
Middle is 4 9CT gold rings (last with small diamonds)
and last ring is a copper wedding ring :-( all other rings were junk :-(
The total weight of rings is just over 20 gram, that makes it about 500$ scrap value.
I've realized that Raro is a holiday destination for NZ tourists. and we all know that New Zealanders do not wear much gold and all wedding rings are usually 9 CT :-(

I've also cleaned the lagoon from a lot of rubbish and dropped a big bag of it at MURI LAGOON ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER - where guys made a picture of me and promised to write in newspaper and online- should get a link later on.

Final Picture of a lagoon cleaner :

STAY TUNED for a Video Post!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

I've got BIG NUTS! what about you?

Good day everyone!
Went on a quick friendly hunt with Littlespec at Coyle park (overhunted palce)
Didn't find much as was going over other treasure hunters steps, but managed to pull couple of nice finds:
Long time ago gold plated ring and a token for Ripley's :

But the main find of the day is a Mushroom spot!
No, Not kidding, as you might know- i am Russian. Gathering eatable mushrooms is really popular in autumn .
So, as we had rains and then hot weather for the past week- they are groqing almost every where , where Pine trees are. I am talking about this mushroom (I put some in a bowl- actually got about 3 Kilo of them) :

Suillus (Масленок) 

And here is my breakfast - scramble eggs with mushrooms :-)

I hope you all Enjoyed the post and you have about 1-2 weeks of them growing- so get out there and ger some. they are awesome!

01 June woods & park Adventure

Enjoy my first Hd video !
Happy Hunting all