Monday, 24 September 2012

3 Hours at Point Chevalier


Andrew and i decided to have a look what is hidden in the Coyle Park that we could get before ,
and also visit to some Muds,

First stop on the way to Pt.C was at muds and we had only about 20 minutes before it got dark. I managed to pull  Silver Threepence Queen Victoria Jubilee Head  18XX - very worn out

Then we went to Coyle and i got UK 3D some bullets and coppers...

Around 8 pm one lowest tide aproached,we checked out local beach and lucky me got a nice Silver Ring and an eye find of Ganesha statue:

Back to Coyle for another 30 minutes and i got another 3D and a very nice Navy League Badge :

All Finds Below :

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Monday 17/09 Excalibur at St.Helliers

Got a day off on Monday and decided to check out tripple bays... But the story starts in a different way...

Got a call from my father on on Sunday, he and mom were walking at St.Helliers and spotted a listing on the beach toilet, that someone lost 2 rings- I got the numbers and contacted the person, who advised that rings were lost somewhere around the toilet.  I've advised person that will go look for them on Monday.

Woke up , had a coffee and slowly walk towards Bus stop  downtown (5 minute walk from my place) and takes about 10 minutes to get to St.Helliers. with buses every 15 minutes... But that is on any usual day.. not the monday i needed.! :-( There was a big poster on bus stop that bussies are on strike from 10 am till 2 pm!@$@#$$@%$^%^*^&*^&*&)
Obviously any daily commuters would know, but i do not take bus daily :/
Crazy me started to walk slowly towards the mission bay with excal in one hand and sand scoop in another . For those who do not know - its about 1.5 Hour walk - 7.5 KM. I've done that walk many times and it is really enjoyable, even with gear in hands ...
... Walked about 2km and noticed as group of teenage runners dropped off by a trainer from the van and Lady already going back in the van. Quickly run up to her and asked if she is going to mission bay - she said yea, and Kindly offered me a ride with a note that she will need to stop couple of times to check on runners.

We stopped at the Okahu Bay to check up and runners and that is when noticed that everyone but but one girl passed us.. a bit later she caught up, but was in pain with a numb  lag, we helped her out to get in a van and continued to the Mission bay - where trainer supposed to pick up the running team.

On the way i shared the stories of metal detecting and so on. :-)

Mission bay:
Done about 7-10 walks water <-> shore and then went right across to other end on dry sand without finding absolutely anything.
Kohimarama :
about same experience,  find a set of keys
St. Helliers,

Even that is Hunted, OVER Hunted, OUT hunted completely every year start getting targets, there and here. and all of those were coins dropped last season (corroded and so on)
Also callled up Lady who lost rings and she shared that she Put them on the stones of the toilet and covered with Jacket. When she was going away she grabbed jacket and left. Upon realizing that rings missing, she thought that they dropped on the sand.
I've done 5-10 meters radius from the spot leaving no signal to dig and no rings was found :-(
i would believe that rings didnt drop on sand as they on stone covered by jacket, and got picked up by someone passing by as it is a busy area .

After that i decided to do my usual water <-> beach walk on the whole beach and completed in about 3 hours with the below finds :

19.90$ in change,
And they kids copper pot. that i have a plan for....
I will ill it with old coins and bury in one of the parks for future detectorist to find :-)

The Verdict:
Beaches are empty and not worth time yet,
So will continue learning Etrack and search for the missing Half Crown , Half Sovereign and full Sovereign for my collection. :-)

thanks for reading,

Friday, 14 September 2012

Boatswain's Call aka Boatsn pipe

Heya, all,

Just came across interesting post at Australian Metal Detecting forum- Whistle
And immediately realized that i have found one, but taken that as a crack Pipe! :/

You can find it in the video here On 01:15 of the video:

Here is more about an item :

Very Interesting :-) 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Quick Depth test on Etrac in alocal overhunted Park

Hi team,
I really want to share with you info on what it actually was worth for a person back in ages to loose a coin, that I now find while metal detecting,
For example the below UK  3pence I found last night (was over 25 centimeters down) : 

Here is official Australian tables of wage comparison over the years :

So, for reference : the pound was divided into twenty shillings or 240 pennies.

Now, a factory worker was getting  204 pounds a year in 1920 ,

2 farthings = 1 halfpenny
2 halfpence = 1 penny (1d)
3 pence = 1 threepence (3d)
6 pence = 1 sixpence (a 'tanner') (6d)
12 pence = 1 shilling (a bob) (1s)
2 shillings = 1 florin ( a 'two bob bit') (2s)
2 shillings and 6 pence = 1 half crown (2s 6d)
5 shillings = 1 Crown (5s)

So what would he was able to buy with the coin above ?
The items person was able to buy for the above coin back then :

Bread (4lb loaf)
Milk (quart) =1.13652 liter
Tea 90 grams - so about average pack you buy in supermarket now
He could send about 2 parcels within Australia (stamp/postage)

I hope you found the above info interesting :0)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

1930's school re visit

Heya all,
As Chris  Mentioned we went to Old school for old coin hunt :-)
Both of us were using E-trac and it was interesting to compare what each of us will get at the end.
It was about 2.5 hour Hunt with almost identical results ! :
My total is 49 Coins beating Chris by 2 coins! :-)
A Hawera bowling club Bedge,
and total 3 Silvers, where i beat Chris having a sixpence against his Threepence

I will process the video and post tomorrow as well :-)

Friday, 7 September 2012

First Hunt with E-trac

Heya all,

My first hunt with Etrac got me some decent results in about 2 hours at some overhunted areas :

Old 20 cents,5C
2Cents Australia
Florin 1948 (bummer 4 years away from silver)
Penny 1957
Half Penny 1947
Copper Ring
2 Bullets from Maori Wars time

Not to bad for the first time ever spin :-)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hello Etrac

In a process of charging battery pack first spin- this weekend :-)

so much to learn about this machine.....a lot!