Monday 24 September 2012

3 Hours at Point Chevalier


Andrew and i decided to have a look what is hidden in the Coyle Park that we could get before ,
and also visit to some Muds,

First stop on the way to Pt.C was at muds and we had only about 20 minutes before it got dark. I managed to pull  Silver Threepence Queen Victoria Jubilee Head  18XX - very worn out

Then we went to Coyle and i got UK 3D some bullets and coppers...

Around 8 pm one lowest tide aproached,we checked out local beach and lucky me got a nice Silver Ring and an eye find of Ganesha statue:

Back to Coyle for another 30 minutes and i got another 3D and a very nice Navy League Badge :

All Finds Below :

Thanks for stopping by :-)


  1. Good finds Max.
    Have not seen that badge before.
    Does Andrew like the CTX?

  2. Andrew is really happy with CTX, however he is doing a big mistake- he is discriminating everything at the moment

  3. I am not surprised about that as it will be giving him lots of information and he is probably just cutting it back till he gets the feel of it better.