Thursday, 16 July 2015

One Hour "Goldie" shooting

Hi all, nothing special from tonight's hunt apart from 3 keys for the key competition :-)

Keys  : +3

Total Rings: 189   Precious: 117
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=55 STG=62 Junk=72,STG Coins: 9,Keys:42

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The return from Asia - or Detecting 1st week of April NZ

I had a week of Detecting Locally in Auckland right after i returned back from Thailand,
The results were better than what i got in Asia :

One gold , one silver and 3 Junkers :

One of the days produced only Silver Bracelet:

 A neat one though:

One of better days:

2 Gold, 2 silver and one Junk

another day out was as good as one before:

3 Gold, 1 silver and 2 junk, but also NZ silver Shilling :

This was my 1st biggest Silver Chain i ever found up till next week (the post with Russian ring- where chain is 95 grams)

Totals for the 1st week of April :

Gold  : +6
Silver: +4
Junk  : +6
Coins : +1
Keys  : +3

Total Rings: 189   Precious: 117
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=55 STG=62 Junk=72,STG Coins: 9,Keys:39

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Gold - i Can see you... Literally

Still lots to process,

But let me share one of my Unusual and very cool finds this winter :

Read more here :

and 18ct+ palladium and diamond ring 

Gold : +1

Total Rings: 173   Precious: 107
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=49 STG=58 Junk=66,STG Coins: 8,Keys:32\6

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Today Park Hunt

Couldn't get out to the beach as water too cold and waves are too high,
so went for a bit of coin shooting: 

Nice total of 14$ NZD + 3$ AUD

925 Silver Pendant on Broken Chain (the rest is somewhere in the same park or on the blades of lawn mauler )

Also for my Key competition +4 for a total of  Keys:36

Friday, 3 July 2015

Adventures of New Zealand Treasure Hunter Around Asia!


Let me start with my 1 month trip in March around Malaysia with extra visit to Thailand
My detecting buddy and packed our gear and went to one of the busy Malaysian holiday spots and spend about 10 days :

On a 1st Day of Detecting Andrew got Leak on his CTX3030: 

Lucky for him that was identified immediately, so cleaned, dried and even battery was working well.

As for me i had 2 detectors on the trip :
CTX with 11 inch coil,
ATX with both 12 and 8 coils, so i have some back up. But you know, 24 day trip - anything could happen, so i got 1st problem on day 5 i think : Coil not detecting on CTX :-( basically it got busted.

So for the remaining trip i had to use my ATX .. but wait, later in Malaysia my 12 inch coil also busted.. shit :-( so i was left only with 8 inch coil for the rest of 2 weeks.

Finds from Malaysia:

All rings 19 :




 Coins after Tumbler:

And here, have a Monkey :

So after that we Decided to go to Thailand and have 2nd attempt to find anything good there (i went last year and could find any jewelry )

Thailand was a bust again, now i am confident that water is too Hot for rings to slip. I even was contacted by another good Australian treasure hunter who had similar results during his 2 week holiday

These are pretty much Thai finds (+ a BUCKET of aluminum and other junk):

Some random Photos from Thailand :

So totals after Asia Trips '

Junk 10
Silver : +6
Gold : +3

Total Rings: 172   Precious: 106
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=48 STG=58 Junk=66,STG Coins: 8,Keys:32

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

First Gold ring from the Dirt

Hi guys, will continue catching up on all stories from the past 3 month :-0)

I would like to share this one with you :

Other  days of Side walk detecting: 

Gold : +1

Total Rings: 153   Precious: 97
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=45 STG=52 Junk=56 TG Coins: 8,Keys:30