Thursday, 29 March 2012

What?! Another Iphone?! ;-)

Hey all, today is my day off and weather is absolutely awesome!
As far as my Wifee is at work- i went 6 am with a low tide to my favorite triple beach - Mission bay/Kohi/St.Helliers , Note- tide was not that good 0.91M

I was able to do Misison bay and Kohi during low tide but St.helliers was only covered over dry sand.

As i already hunter mission bay on Sunday- i just did 3 way walk on the edge of low tide with only 20c+50c found.
So i moved to Kohi and walked all the way to Yacht Club during low tide with marginal success.
However when i moved to Wet send i found a number of goldies  Iphone 4 ! :-0, unfortunately this one is So So so Dead. that it was covered in Rust ;-(
I also found Gold Plated braslet here (Oh my... i so wanted it to be gold when i dug up and looked at the plate...)
St.Helliers got me another band and that cool Double Gangster Ring ;-)
It is not gold, oh well. at least i found a ring.
At the end about   20$+ (minus 7.90$ bus fare) = 12$

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Learning the Beach: Takapuna, Cell Phone Number 2

Spent couple of hours at Takapuna during low tide learning the beach and sand movement.
Didn't get much$$ or any rings, but found Nokia 6600I RRP 200$
The phone is dead, no way for recovery.
However, Memory card survived and has a number of Photos that might be valuable to the owner.
I will call 2degrees tomorrow and will ask them to track customer by Sim card Number and see if i can talk to the person :-)

=2 Hour Hunt at Old School =

Hi folks,

I've got permition for hunting at one of old Auckland Schools,
The Director told me that there was another detectorist before me, so i didnt expect much out of place.
So about a month ago i went to scout and found couple of old pennies, so was a good sign that something nice could be left as targets were deep 4+ inches in the ground.

So today i went for a proper 2 hour hunt and was really successful!  i wanted to find at least 1 Silver coin, but managed 2!

So total new dollars were 4.8$ and i didn't photo that. as no one cares :D
But check out my old finds:

I managed to find "Safety Patrol" bedge (was really solid 88 on my gold bug and i really thought its gonna be Florin or Half Crown)
Also old Pocket Knife.. 

I recon it was a really good hunt :-)
No waiting till 4 Pm to got for Beach hunt.

Also, check out that other NZ detectorist were finding same Badge : Safety Patrol

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Best Way to finish weekend of detecting :o)

Good evening everyone.

I took a bus to Mission bay in order to beat the "Around the Bays" traffic.
I have spent 4 Hours  learning the beach and answering "have you found anything ? What are you looking for?".
Imagine the nightmare of detectorist : thousands of people running in a big wave and constantly asking the above questions...Crazy!!
Anyway, i will cut to the chase - Two nice silver rings and heaps of crap jewelry :

The Female ring has Big Stone and 3 stones on the sides and weights 2.13
The Male Ring has engraving "Light of my life" inside and weights 7.79

My Total Silver weight for the weekend is 28 grams and 1 Gram of Gold
about 30$ spendable money as well

Here is a pic of crap :

Gold # 5 For 2012 :D

Good morning everyone!

Tonight's hunt with Andrew got me a nice piece of ancient gold :-)
And absolutely worn out coin, that turned out to be :
-One Quarter Anna as below, as mine also has George on the back :

And the ring is 1G, 9CT, with Diamond and Sapphire :
And its only Saturday!,
lets wait for the Sunday and see if i will get something Else :-)

Friday, 16 March 2012

18 Grams of Silver in 2 hours :D!

Good evening!
This time Andrew and I went to Takapuna Beach during low tide and spent just about 2 hours before it got too cold and windy.

Best finds:
Andrew- Silver ring from Australia as it has Au Hallmark STG
Me- 15.5 Gram Silver Chain and 2.6 Very nice Silver ring with a stone :-)

And that is just the beginning of the weekend :-)
See ya soon

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Apple, any one? ;-)

Last night i was doing 5hour evening sweep of Kohimorama beach and found Iphone 4S, that i really like :-D - (cant afford one though)
It was 2 Inches deep in sand and i had to use brush to clean all holes out of sand in order to make it charge (also it is  really lucky with weather and timing- phones die at the beach within 24-48 hours due to liquid damage overnight)
Upon charging the device i found it is Prepay, NOT password protected , so i was able to look up details of the owner -Sent email to them now . Lets hope they are generous people ;-)

Other finds :
* 8.9$
* 2 Crap Pendants