Saturday, 28 February 2015

Home&Away,Part 3 : january trip to Rarotonga

Still trying to catch up on all detecting stories and make nice posts rather than just pictures of finds :-)

Enjoy the Video :

And some Photos as well :

Silver : +1
Gold : +3 
Silver coins +2 
Keys: +4 

Total Rings: 105 , Precious: 68
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=33 STG=31 Junk=37 STG Coins: 6,Keys:23

Friday, 20 February 2015

Olga's Success story- or 46 year old ring recovered

The first thing I've done waking up the morning after i arrived from Brisbane was to check all my messages. to ensure that i haven't missed any recovery requests as i already had several pending.

And to no surprise i had such an email :

Hi Max
I was given you as a contact through Dean at Mine for Gold. (Thanks Dean for forwarding my details)
I was swimming today at full tide at Takapuna beach Auckland. My ring slipped off in the surf I have been down again in hopes of seeing it but the tide hadn't gone out that far and unfortunately loads of people were walking the beach.
Although the ring is not hugely valuable it has sentimental value of 46 years of marriage.(i would say that there is no way to compare any material value when ring is 46 y.o )
I was swimming in front of one of the access paths so have a pretty reliable position.
How does the process work with you guys. What's the likelihood and costs?
Look forward to your reply

The problem was that i already had a recovery pending. So would i do as time ticking and next low tide is just hours away...

That is right, i am sending my helper :-) Olga had a bit of time that was matching low tide exactly, so she went.... Guess what ? ;-)

Hi Max
Just wanted to say how great it was that Olga found my wedding ring. I am so grateful and the whole exercise was awesome to watch. Thanks for suggesting to get onto it straight away, I can see why it's best to do that.
Very Happy
Thank you Olga
Cheers Laraine

Well Done Olga!!!

Just couple of junkers :-(

Nothing special, but while i was doing a 3 ring recovery i also got a couple of junkers (forgot to include this in the recovery post ) :

Total Rings: 101 , Precious: 64
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=30 STG=34 Junk=37 STG Coins: 4,Keys:19

Quick visit to Brisbane, Sunshine & Gold Coasts over last weekend

And as always i will start with a great THANK YOU !
Dear Greg and Ria, thank you very much to host me again ! And i hope for another meet up soon, either here in NZ or in Brisbane again :-)

As AU beaches are quite different from NZ beaches : Sand, Tides, Currents and waves. It was very hard for me to find a right place to detect, we have visited several beaches that looked either crowded or generally well used. but Conditions were not right and a lot of time spent at the beach was ppretty much fruitless :-(

On a 1st day of my visit we went to a well known Sunshine coast beach- it was amazing! But as i already mentioned - not much result. More over my Grey Ghost ATX headphones leaked at the cable connector and was unable to use detector anymore :-( upon arriving back home we trie dto disassemble the unit to resolder the connector, but it was not possible as final bit with the male/female pin was a hard plastic pressed : 

I emailed& called detectorPro guys and they advised that i will need to send them for repair :-(
So i tried to find an original Garrett headphone sin BNE- but unfortunately there were none in stock :-(
Thanks Greg again for letting me use your Excal :-)

So the next trip was to Gold Coast!

The Iphone is completely dead and corroded as it was found below tide mark :-(

Oh Boy, this Brass ring looked so good in the scoop! - mixed feelings

All of finds from the Australia Trip 

See you guys soon!

Junk Rings + 2 

Total Rings: 99 , Precious: 64
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=30 STG=34 Junk=35 STG Coins: 4,Keys:19

One, Two & Three : Engagement, wedding and eternity rings - all lost ,but then recovered

Hi all,

It was a very nice warm Wednesday 11/02 and i was preparing to go for a low tide detecting trip. I had many choices where to go :-) So i though, why not to visit Waiheke island. As far as there is a resident metal detectorist there - Brett , i called him to check if he was out in the past week.  But when i called him, he told me that there was a Recovery job pending for for of Auckland very hard to detect beaches, that i usually even do not consider to visit as IT IS INDEED very hard to detect. Brett sent me all details and way pointers where rings might be and advised that 3! rings were lost :-(

So, Olga and I slowly going to Auckland Ferry terminal where i supposed to make a choice to try the recovery or go detect for my self. Oh Boy... it was a hard choice as when we arrived at terminal- hundreds of people were getting off and another load was getting on the ferry to Waiheke.

But what the heck! lets try out the recovery. So we went.

As rings were lost DURING LOW TIDE IN THE WATER i had a very limited time to search for them even with  somehow defined area where they were lost.

I've waited 1 hour before low tide and went into the water, after about 1 hour i found the 1st ring and after 2 swings there was a second ring in the scoop. but no 3d!..

...I tried and tried to circle around the spot- but nothing... One Hour later i finally got a 3d ring as well that was in quite a distance from other two ! Oh Boy, what a set!

Taking into account that Rings were in the water for 10 days - its was quite a mission for over 2 hours.

All packed nicely when presenting to the owner (unfortunately no picture with the owner :( )

Another Job done ;-)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Home&Away,Part 2 : The Bay Of dreams

Lets carry on the story,

As you might saw this preview allready : 

Yes and yes again, we did find our small bay of dreams ! every detectorist wishes to find one in his adventures. The bay that has never been detected, the one that holds all the treasures. For me- i've been lucky twice already. Thirst time it was Rarotonga, now its right here - my hometown - Auckland.

Tuesday 3d of February 

Bay welcomes me with all old coins and a huge load of stuff :

My loot got me 3  9ct gold, 4 silver rings and 2 junk , plus silver chain and bracelet 

Wednesday 4th of February 

Bay is showing me that it loves me with a locket and  18 ct Catholic ring , 9 ct old wedding band and Stainless ring. 4 silver rings as a bonus

Thursday 5th of February 

We are back again to the bay as conditions are perfect and sea is calling for us 

Bay is very generous this time with 

* three (3) 18 ct rings
* one  9 ct ring
* 3 silver rings
* 2 silver crucifix  one with 9 ct Jesus on it
* nice silver Australian 6d 1957  

Friday 6th of February 

Nice calm weather is still allowing us to visit The Bay :

The finds still coming and consist of :

* Five (5) 9 ct rings and one silver ring, the rest are junk.
* silver pendant and coin as a bonus

Saturday  7th of February 

Another generous day at the bay with a short visit to another place on the way : 

The 2nd gold ring was from another place, while all other rings are from our Dream bay.

* three(3) 18 gold rings
* 3 silver rings

Awesome day!
Sunday 8th of February 

Amazing! Bay is still producing, time is running out as weather is about to change and it will be accessible 

Great outing with following result :

* two(2) 9 ct rings and 9ct earring that is heavier than both 9 ct rings
* 4 Silver rings  
* Huge 30 gram silver chain and other assorted Silver items

Monday 9th of February - Final Day at the bay

Unfortunately weather is about to change and its getting very hard to do the bay . However on my last day at the bay i was given couple of awesome gifts by the sea : 

When i arrived, i had a 5$ note floating towards me :-) awesome!

From this lot - ther eis small 9 ct ring that was found at another bay on the way. its the bottom raw  3rd ring, the rest 5 gold were found at the bay. this was my best  6 gold day ever!

* five (5) 9 ct gold rings, wher e2 are similar design with Horseshoe
* 22 ct birmingham stamped English gold
* a very cool looking Silver ring with squere CZ that looked like platinum ring when i found it .

The winner of the Bay :

So, lets made the summary of Gold and silver from this amazing 7 day adventure: 

(one ring is missing in this picture, mixed up with earring for some reason)

Total Gold Rings :   25  (23 bay of Dreams + 2 from other bays ) 
Total Silver Rings:  21
Total Junk Rings :  13
Silver Coins :           3
Keys:  9

Total Rings: 97 , Precious: 64
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=30 STG=34 Junk=33 STG Coins: 4,Keys:19

Important Notice: I do not store Valuables at home. All jewelry i posses is in a secure Bank Vault  

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Home&Away,Part 1 : 1st week of Detecting in Auckland

Hi Guys,

If you follow my posts, you probably noticed no activity for the pastMonth. The reason for that is my Trip to Rarotonga (yes, again) 19-26 January and then a full on detecting up till yestarday ,catching both morning and evening tides most of the days.

So, where to start ... Ok Lets start with the Sun rise:

Tuesday morning 27 January :
 i went to a local city beach to do Dry sand after long weekend (Auckland Day). Oh Boy, my 1st ever day of over 50$ from dry sand :-) so many targets. lucky i was the first detectorist to come over ! No gold for me from the beach but some nice silvers . The day was combined of 2 hunts and evening tide we went to One of Auckland reserves to do wet sand, No gold again, but some nice finds as well ! check them out:

Silvers from the day: 

Junk jewelry:

Wednesday 28 January :

Morning tide didn't produce any gold , but a very unique silver ring that i am considering my favorite STG find so far this year :

Evening tide made my day as well with a handmade Silver and gold ring:

Thursday 29 January 

The evening Hunt at local city beach produced 1st gold after Rarotonga return! :

Junk - Gold - Silver

Friday 30 January 

Was a test drive to one of Regional parks that confirmed that park was done well, but not well enough  ;-)

Produced Silver and a junk rings + a fake Cartier bracelet

Saturday 31  January

Was just a dry sand outing at local beach that produced some coins and a Cadbury Chocolate Truck
I love those toy cars :-)

 Sunday 1st of February 

The Exploration day - we went 40 Km drive away from Auckland in a search of a producing beach.
The choice was to do wet sand on the day. It was ok, but lack of non ferrous targets pointed that beach was done by person with DISC machine, however that person still missed quite a bit:

4 Junk Rings and a nice 14 ct with small diamonds.
But that was hard work, i emptied 4! full pouches of iron targets into the bin :-(

Monday 2nd February

Return to the same beach. The objective of the day was to reveal its underwater treasures... It was very hard. the base of beach is hard clay and rock - so was almost impossible to use scoop , while visibility was  also crap and not possible to use mask and snorkel, even that finds were good we had to leave the bay for better day with clear water .So, couple of hours in the water produced Junk ring and a nice 9 ct with diamond chips, Plus a long Silver chain:

Same day evening we went to Local city beach for a dry sand hunt competition on coins :

That produced another 2 junk kids rings and some lunch Money :-)

So the total after all those hunts are :

Gold +3
Silver +8
Junk + 14
Keys + 6

Total Rings: 38 , Precious: 18
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=5 STG=13 Junk=20 STG Coins: 1,Keys:10