Wednesday 11 February 2015

Home&Away,Part 1 : 1st week of Detecting in Auckland

Hi Guys,

If you follow my posts, you probably noticed no activity for the pastMonth. The reason for that is my Trip to Rarotonga (yes, again) 19-26 January and then a full on detecting up till yestarday ,catching both morning and evening tides most of the days.

So, where to start ... Ok Lets start with the Sun rise:

Tuesday morning 27 January :
 i went to a local city beach to do Dry sand after long weekend (Auckland Day). Oh Boy, my 1st ever day of over 50$ from dry sand :-) so many targets. lucky i was the first detectorist to come over ! No gold for me from the beach but some nice silvers . The day was combined of 2 hunts and evening tide we went to One of Auckland reserves to do wet sand, No gold again, but some nice finds as well ! check them out:

Silvers from the day: 

Junk jewelry:

Wednesday 28 January :

Morning tide didn't produce any gold , but a very unique silver ring that i am considering my favorite STG find so far this year :

Evening tide made my day as well with a handmade Silver and gold ring:

Thursday 29 January 

The evening Hunt at local city beach produced 1st gold after Rarotonga return! :

Junk - Gold - Silver

Friday 30 January 

Was a test drive to one of Regional parks that confirmed that park was done well, but not well enough  ;-)

Produced Silver and a junk rings + a fake Cartier bracelet

Saturday 31  January

Was just a dry sand outing at local beach that produced some coins and a Cadbury Chocolate Truck
I love those toy cars :-)

 Sunday 1st of February 

The Exploration day - we went 40 Km drive away from Auckland in a search of a producing beach.
The choice was to do wet sand on the day. It was ok, but lack of non ferrous targets pointed that beach was done by person with DISC machine, however that person still missed quite a bit:

4 Junk Rings and a nice 14 ct with small diamonds.
But that was hard work, i emptied 4! full pouches of iron targets into the bin :-(

Monday 2nd February

Return to the same beach. The objective of the day was to reveal its underwater treasures... It was very hard. the base of beach is hard clay and rock - so was almost impossible to use scoop , while visibility was  also crap and not possible to use mask and snorkel, even that finds were good we had to leave the bay for better day with clear water .So, couple of hours in the water produced Junk ring and a nice 9 ct with diamond chips, Plus a long Silver chain:

Same day evening we went to Local city beach for a dry sand hunt competition on coins :

That produced another 2 junk kids rings and some lunch Money :-)

So the total after all those hunts are :

Gold +3
Silver +8
Junk + 14
Keys + 6

Total Rings: 38 , Precious: 18
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=5 STG=13 Junk=20 STG Coins: 1,Keys:10

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