Friday 20 February 2015

Olga's Success story- or 46 year old ring recovered

The first thing I've done waking up the morning after i arrived from Brisbane was to check all my messages. to ensure that i haven't missed any recovery requests as i already had several pending.

And to no surprise i had such an email :

Hi Max
I was given you as a contact through Dean at Mine for Gold. (Thanks Dean for forwarding my details)
I was swimming today at full tide at Takapuna beach Auckland. My ring slipped off in the surf I have been down again in hopes of seeing it but the tide hadn't gone out that far and unfortunately loads of people were walking the beach.
Although the ring is not hugely valuable it has sentimental value of 46 years of marriage.(i would say that there is no way to compare any material value when ring is 46 y.o )
I was swimming in front of one of the access paths so have a pretty reliable position.
How does the process work with you guys. What's the likelihood and costs?
Look forward to your reply

The problem was that i already had a recovery pending. So would i do as time ticking and next low tide is just hours away...

That is right, i am sending my helper :-) Olga had a bit of time that was matching low tide exactly, so she went.... Guess what ? ;-)

Hi Max
Just wanted to say how great it was that Olga found my wedding ring. I am so grateful and the whole exercise was awesome to watch. Thanks for suggesting to get onto it straight away, I can see why it's best to do that.
Very Happy
Thank you Olga
Cheers Laraine

Well Done Olga!!!

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