Sunday, 29 January 2012

Today i Have found LOVE :D

It was a mixed trip around with friends and not much detecting,
But main location was our favorite Kohimarama/St.Helliers where are saw another detectorist, but he didnt see me :D
The "cool" finds are Crap Ring  "Love" and nice name/event bage "Player of The Day"

Oh, forgot- i also found another Broom Broom - Mitsubishi model, but left in the car boot-will add to my "garage" later :D

Tomorrow will be interesting hunt, hopefully with nice finds....
See you soon

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Broom Broom.....

Hi guys,

Today was a quick trip to anew location, that we have only 1 hour to check and will be coming back.
It seems that it is untouched as i got pretty good finds in 3*3 meters that i covered

So we have a broom broom , 4$  1 penny 1915 - my oldest coin so far.
1cent USA
And a find of the evening- a CTR Ring,

CTR rings are commercial christian rings that mean Choose The Right.
There are a lot of different shapes , but mine is following
 It is Silver, so i am happy with my finds for the day.
Have a nice day and see you soon :D

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Request to Find Lost Wedding Ring

Hi folks,
Today i had a special request to find a lost wedding ring,
How and where- watch my new video! :D

I will see you soon :D

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hard Start, But Sweet Finish

Good Day!
Today Andrew and i went to a hard out detecting with an early start with sunrise at Long bay. However we were really surprised to a cleanliness of the beach - I got only  2*10c pieces and Andrew got 2$+2$+1$.
I tried to quickly scan the park area-but it was really polluted with pull tabs and beer tops,so we left within 30 minutes.
Next stop was  bottom(Devonport) end Takapuna beach, where we spent a little bit of time without Huge success and left right at the time when weather changed to showers and CHRIS found his Big gold ring :D
So at that point i had only couple of dollars and nothing else :( Andrew was sitting at about 7$ and his first ever Ring, no marking- so most likely the crap one.
After lunch and with a sunshine on the horizon and low tide at our feet we decided to go favorite location of tripple beaches- Mission bays/Kohimarama, Saint Helliers.
First stop was Kohi where i pulled couple of dollars and all of my sinkers. Andrew got couple of coins and we shorty left as we scanned only one corner of the area that we planned to cover before going to Saint Helliers

And here we go! upon arrival i went directly to a spot i wanted to cover for a long time and.. Kaboom!
I Hit the jackpot !Within half an hour i got about 7$ and a Massive Male ring that could be either white gold or Platinum with 18K marking on the inside (will check with jeweler and update the blog)

Here is the Close up :

So here are the rest of the finds

* Sinkers &other fishing items
* 15.40$
* crap earring and heart
* old decimals: 50c,10c, 5c 5c
* Foreign unreadable coin
* completely self destructed 10c10c10c20c (Stupid/smart idea by reserve bank to mint steel plated coins )
* and The best find of the day - 18K Gold/Platinum Mens ring :D

Have a good day and see you later!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Friday, 20 January 2012

La vie est un sommeil, l'amour en est le rêve, Et vous aurez vécu, si vous avez aimé

Have i intrigued you with the header? :D i am trying my best.
So i went on 2.5 Hours hunt to Cheltenham beach where i went and met HH  last friday .
I went there 2 hour before low tide to do dry sand part of the beach as i tried wet  sand last time, and with a low tide i tried pockets -иut without much Luck.

This beach is really difficult to hunt as there are a lot of those aluminium pieces in the sand - see my previous post and also pieces of aluminium on the picture below .

I tried to dig all targets and ended up with a full bag of crap.:( - no good finds at all

Dry sand - I have found 3 pieces of jewellery - 2 rings and a pice from ear ring with a tiger stone
Here they are uncleaned
And here are cleaned:

And as you can see the Writing it states exactly the words of Alfred de Musset (French) :

"La vie est un sommeil, l'amour en est le rêve, Et vous aurez vécu, si vous avez aimé

That translates into something like :

" life is a sleep, love is the dream, and you would live if you love "

The Whole pile of findings as below:

On every trip to the beach i find some sort of cutlery item & a key.....
I think it is a quest! find a key and a spoon, to go to the house to have a dinner :D!

Thats me folks , tomorrow will be special edition with a video!
See you soon

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Two toys that are twice old as i am plus treaky find i need help to identify

today i decided to take a rest and clean up a find that got while me and Chris went to the triple park hunt

let me introduce you "Frontier double barrel cap gun "

It is in pretty good condition,only trigger ring is broken (the piece of metal that goes over the trigger)
I am trying to find the year and model for this- if anyone can help - muchly appreciated

The metal horseman was found in a small park in Auckland cbd  where i found my silver 1934 shilling and sixpence :D (pictures later)

and about mystery find - these might be simple pieces of aluminium, that can be found at Takapuna and Cheltenham beaches. However some pieces do look really natural. Could some one help me out with these as well and tell me if those are natural from Rangitoto ?

Check that piece on the left bottom corner- it looks so nice! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

3 hour Hunt at Kohimarama

Hi, Next trip was at low tide 9am-noon, then i had to retreat as it got extremely hot.
So a little bit of info first: Kohimarama is a sanded beach and it is hunted heavily and frequently . The beach base is actually mud and clay- heavy items supposed to sink up to that layer and stop.
So at a low tide i went to couple of "pockets" but unfortunately they were empty- no gold for me. got some coins though.

When about 10-30 i noticed a lot of people start coming to the beach taking spots on dry send- so quickly decided to shift to dry sand. There were a lot of kids and all were watching me. Sometimes it is annoying when people constantly ask if i have found something or "what are you looking for" but when kids come around and ask if "Are you looking for treasure, mister" i can not resist to make a pirate expression :D

Actually i did find a treasure when one of the kids was watching me- there was some sort of metallic dish buried in the sand with toys in . So when i dug it up and gave to the kid- he was really excited. ! ><

Anyway. It took me only 20 minutes at dry sand to pull that really nice silver ring - that i am most happy about as $$$ wise i just got 6.30$ that makes me .50 short braking even for bus fare :/
But again - it is all good as ii had a wonderful morning and a good work out (better than a jogging)

So here are my finds for the day :
* A key
* Sinker
* small bell
* beer opener
* spoon
* 6.30$ + another dead 10c piece
* 5c australia
* 5c
* another cool silver ring :D

Beer opener and spoon go into the bin though. I keep all keys and will make a big stand some time.

Ring close up with 925 stamp :D

Tomorrow is a trip to St Helliers or maybe somewhere else. haven't decided yet.

Hope you like these as well and see you soon

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

4 Hour Hunt at Mission bay

As my work starts at 3pm, i've decided to go for a hunt with a low tide at most popular area- Mission bay.
It was a nice 2 hour tour on wet sand first, then about another couple of hours on the dry....Just before it got wet again with most unexpected Auckland weather.
I didnt have much expectation from the beach as it is hunted hard all the time.However my finds were over my expectation from the place ! :D

i earned 12.90$  (minus 6.8$ for a bus fare i suppose.)
Three old 5c coins
2$ Australian dollars
10 Centavos from Argentina
One nice Silver plated Gucci button <- i actually like it
Some crap j.Hart and a small nut

And the best find of the day is a massive Silver ring ! my first Beach silver ring (i found heaps of silver already- will upload all my other finds later)

It has a writing "Love U - Row" and Mexico 19-1

Hope you like my Finds :D See ya later