Tuesday 17 January 2012

4 Hour Hunt at Mission bay

As my work starts at 3pm, i've decided to go for a hunt with a low tide at most popular area- Mission bay.
It was a nice 2 hour tour on wet sand first, then about another couple of hours on the dry....Just before it got wet again with most unexpected Auckland weather.
I didnt have much expectation from the beach as it is hunted hard all the time.However my finds were over my expectation from the place ! :D

i earned 12.90$  (minus 6.8$ for a bus fare i suppose.)
Three old 5c coins
2$ Australian dollars
10 Centavos from Argentina
One nice Silver plated Gucci button <- i actually like it
Some crap j.Hart and a small nut

And the best find of the day is a massive Silver ring ! my first Beach silver ring (i found heaps of silver already- will upload all my other finds later)

It has a writing "Love U - Row" and Mexico 19-1

Hope you like my Finds :D See ya later


  1. Good to see you have a blog up now Max.
    I look forward to your finds.

  2. Good going there max! and I am glad to see that you started a blog of your own... so much easier to do post your finds with less limitations... Also I think that you are doing well with that Goldbug of yours and applaud you for trying to learn and train on it... if I only had the patience to do that! I am just one of those learn as you go guys... good luck and I hope to see more of your finds! also let me know when you want to go for a hunt as this Saturday is wide open for a trip... even to the city. cheers.

  3. Nice lot of finds :) Ring looks very chunky :) HH!