Monday, 29 October 2012

Awesome Return Trip to Rarotonga

More Pictures and a story to Come!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Excalibur going deep and far.. first gold signet ring

Heya all,

Since Treasure Seeker got his sandscoop made and bought Excalibur we hit the deep waters.
It was absolutely fantastic day today with calm water and sun... crazy sun... lucky me had sunblock
It was a learning experience for both of us as Mission bay has a tricky sea bed and conditions change every 50 meters.

Never the less we managed to score some gold each :-) check Seekers blog later on to see his finds,

Here are mine :

massive sinker, junk ring, Gold plated ring, junk earring
Big copper/silver plated bracelet, junk bracelet ,old decimals,
The best find of the day - 4.63 gram Old gold Signet Ring (Blank- no initials)

There is something else i want to share: Dangers of Metal detecting :-(
Check the video for an example of a very dangerous find :

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Excalibur finds silver and gold at Takapuna beach cut


I didnt really plan to go detecting tonight, but weather was asking for it.
Decided to go to Takapuna, to check how is sand movement out there... Glad i did!
Upon arrival to main Entrance, found a wide long cut down to clay and old beach foundation! never seen such erosion at Takapuna in many years! the cut was at high tide level, so i had all the time i need
...Sorry didnt make any pictures of the cut....

I've spent all evening doing cut with awesome results :

Minor stuff:

And for the goodies:

*1940 penny in well preserved condition by clay
* sixpence
* brass religious medalion
* RNZA badge -The Royal New Zealand Artillery

Best 3 :

* Massive Silver wedding band , marked 92.5 (points at age)
* Horseshoe pin (marked sterling)
* tiny Rose gold Ring

Total time spent about 3 hours, very pleased with the result :-)

See you all at the beach

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Depositors are back to Mission Bay! :-)

Heya all,

Elena and i had a nice walk at mission bay,where i took couple of picture to see how depositors are spreading on the beach :-)

weekend of 30/09 :

So Tonight i finished work 5pm and was able to get to the beach about 6 Pm  (low tide was 5 pm)
Not too bad as we can see from the picture above that all people are on the slope.

Spent about 2 hours, finding a number of keepers :-)
The best are 10.90$ , silver Earring and Silver Ring with Zirconium

Season is Open, See you all at the beach! :-)