Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Pre-last Treasure Hunting trips of 2015

Heya all,
Its only 2 days let till 2016 and i recon i will have at least 1 more outing , so this post will contain all finds in the past 2 weeks to get my totals right :-)

One of signature finds is the a very rare to find 18ct Tiffany&Co rign with diamond!

A shot right from the sand ;-)
But that was not the only cool find on the day- another awesome find was a 9ct MABE Pearl pendant (unfortunately on junk chain)

It was a great day with 2 gold items and total 4 rings!  - 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 junk

Just a day or two after went on another hunt produced another 4 rings!

The rings are 18ct! + 3 junkers.

What is interesting about this 18ct ring is that when i found it- it had correct signal on STX (12-2X)
it had weight to it, but didnt look right. very scruffy greyish corroded color with only small middle bit being shiny.

So had to do several acid tests to confirm , then was told that it probably had a special design surface- when acid applied to give that velvet finish. Glad its confirmed 18ct :-)

Next was one of late night outing that was almost blank till i scored a small band :

And, yes, there were many blank outings like this one:

Or this one: 

Anyway, lets get back to Treasure finds :)

One of interesting outings where i didnt gt any gold, but several artifacts:

- Old lead red hat Lady
- 2 wistles
- Junk ring and a silver bracelet

Next was a Dry sand outing for coins, lucky got a silver ring as well :

And then, BOOM! a triple gold day!

Pity to go to 1 Gold the next Hunting trip ;-)

Ok, One is still ONE GOLD! so i will take it, again :

There is one unsettling feeling that i get time to time- is when i go out with one of my close friends, we use same Machine, same set up, same area, same amount of time ,and  i get 4 rings..:

-2 silver and 2 junk,
While my buddy get only 2, but both gold .... Good for us, we have some days when its reverse :-)

I now call it Undiscovered, unspecified, Unclaimed Ring (UUU ring), like Schrodinger cat- there are always rings somewhere out there, no one knows where, no one knows what type and will know only once unearthed . :-)

And a very last hunt was last night in Dry sand  where i scored 11$ , a watch and couple of junkers:

So pretty good 2 weeks before new years :-)

Junk:      +10
Silver :   +5
Gold:      +8
Keys:      +11  

Total Rings: 291   Precious: 171
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=1 GOLD=86 STG=84 Junk=120,STG Coins: 19,Keys:72

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Another one was saved

An Auckland family visit fro x-mas and a long drive back to mid North island required a rest stop.
Unfortunately something went wrong in those 5 minutes of break and a precious engagement ring flew into the curb :-(

Lucky for the owner they called the best NZ treasure hunter;-) (cmon guys, give me some credit :-D )

 After a brief search got it and reunited !

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Last 3 weeks of Treasure Hunting Around NZ

Had a pretty good run in the past 3 weeks,.
My last 3 "Dirt Fishing" Hunts in November for coins before ground dried out.
Got over 50$ in coins, couple of silver, Junk ring and some other cool stuff: Photos below:

And as for the beach trips,
The cool trip we had was to Cathedral Cove New Zealand:  

Unfortunately i got only Coins and junk chain, Olga was lucky with a silver ring :-)

Other outings were way more rewarding: 

- Just A Tungsten Ring and a Junker,

- Another outing, 2 Junkers.....

- Yeha, a better find, 22ct Om Pendant :-)

 - Another outign with 2 Junkers and a silver bracelet. And that Chain... Looked so good for a seconds.... Plated

- Couple fo silver rings, silver bracelet, and semi dead kinetic watch :-)

Now Coming best of the best stuff:

- Pretty cool brass Valve of some sort and a small (2.34g) 18 ring :-)

-One of  best days with 2 gold, platinum and a silver !

But The best day and THE BEST Find  is This one: 

The very cool 9999 Pure gold Ring! 

Junk:      +7
Silver :   +3
Gold:      +4
Platinum : +1
STG coins: +2
Keys:      +4    

Total Rings: 268   Precious: 158
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=1 GOLD=78 STG=79 Junk=110,STG Coins: 19,Keys:61