Monday, 24 June 2013

Hunt # 58&59 - Both low tides 23/06

With the lowest tides, and a Broken scoop (4th time)
I rushed to fix it in the morning to get to Takapuna,

The first hunt was close to lunch time, where Brett already was hammering beach for an hour with a gold result... Bustard! other 2 detectorists were scattering around in uncontrolled pattern. so decided to do couple of walks parallel to the shore ankle deep in the water.

Had about an hour or so before going to work, so manged some change and a 10.5gram silver bracelet "I Love You "

The next outing was after i finished my evening shift at work .Olly picked me up 23:30 and we went to Takapuna to wader further deep in the water....
The night was amazing! it was quite, no waves, no wind. crystal clean water with fish jumping around and enormous crabs chasing our coils and light spots from the torches....
...But it was Cold... Very VERY cold... with my summer 3 mil wetsuit i got chills in first 30-45 minutes.
But it was ll worth it. Not that we found much, but be out there.. trying to empty my mind and simply enjoy water...
I got a very nice condition penny - they always look like this when they come out of clay :

We both got a ring each as well, Olly got silver i got junk :-(
But here are the rest of the finds for the day :

Thoughts of the night:
* get a 7+ mill wet suit
* Do up scoop properly with stainless steel  handle
* Swim year round in the ocean as water heals....

 I am now Open for any trips, any meetup. If you want to go out somewhere - call me /message me i am happy to come around

For my South Island friends - if you have a couch for me to sleep on and you plan a weekend detecting trip and would like me to come a long with stories and make a nice trip - feel free to invite for any type of detecting, treasure, Gold.

I hope you all have a great time! 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hunt # 57 Storm, Hail , Good time

Today had a day off, so had Dale.
First stop was at the small city beach that was an absolute disaster - smelly, polluted, so we decided to move to another spot - mud flats next to old sailing club.
As it was first time for mud detecting for Dale- he realized pretty quickly that it is not his cup a tea :-) All wet and in mud we moved to couple of parks where we scored a silver coin each- mine 1902 UK threepence,
while Dale got 193X florin, completing his set on NZ predecimals ! Congrats! 

My notable finds from the morning were: 

* 1902 3d
* bullet
* 1.5 OZ bronze measuring  weight
* copper square ship nail
* Bronze NZ forces button 

In the evening i got a call From Andrew, wanting to go to the beach for low tide, so we visited Long Bay and Browns bay to check sand conditions - all sanded in , but that didnt stop me finding a nice silver ring before getting completely soaked :-) (it was hailing as well)

Thank you guys for taking me out - you can not imagine how helpful that is .

Here are the finds  : 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hunt # 56 Finishing Takapuna beach

Excited after yesterday finds, Andrew and i went to finish off Takapuna beach,
No gold today, Andrew got small silver ring,
My finds are below :

Bad weather is coming... we will see what will happen with beaches :-)

Monday, 17 June 2013

Beach Hunt #55 Gold Number 25 for the year!

After a long brake from proper beach detecting i went out to Takapuna with Andrew for a 2 hour spin,
Beach is almost empty. but.. you would not believe me if i tell you that Andrew found 2 18K rings in the first hour.
Two! ahead of me!

So i put all my effort to find at least one for myself! And i did!

7.34 gram 18k Ring with inscription in Latin " Sempre E per Sempre " (always and forever) and a date.
I will be happy to return it to the owner (who might google the phrase) for the reward of gold value in the ring :-)
I also got 2 silver rings and heavy 15 gram silver cross "Peace"

The rest of the finds have 8$ and keys that go into recycling bin :-)

See you all at the beach!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Metaldetecting NZ - Returning lost memories and unearthing history

8am , 9 June, a lazy Sunday for me.. still asleep... got a txt from Luke that he buried his keys at Piha beach before going surfing. Almost a dead scenario as Piha located at our west cost with magnetic black sand and none of detectors work there. Good news were that keys were somewhere on the sand dune and no dipper than couple of inches. So we agreed to go over for the search .. :-)


The next one was a call from Will, his wife Mareeba was shuffling hay at stables and precious grandma's engagement ring slipped off somewhere in one of areas. The areas are not big, but a lot of iron around including nails in the wooden pallets. First area tried to cover for 10 minutes before Mareeba came over and told me the spot where she remembers she had her ring ON, as we all know that people think of place where they loose an item is not the actual place. So i started at the beginning of the path that lead to a ring drop. 5 Minutes later :

And a better picture indoors with more light: 

And last update is me trying out my 17 Inc coil... : 

I went to Cheltenham beach (Devonport) as we (MDs) know how much Aluminum is there and other rubbish. so i really wanted to test it out for depth and metal discrimination /target separation.
I would not say that i am impressed as disadvantages are obvious :
* Big depth, but to many targets under coil
* too heavy and gravity center becomes unbalanced - me elbow and back got soar after 3.5 hours of detecting, when using excal with straight shaft i could swing for 6 hours + without back pain.

Anyway, i wanted to get those deep 2$ coins others couldn't hear - got 8$ 
and i really wanted to find a ring .. pity i didnt specify what kind... : 

as you can see i picked very deep sinkers where others missed them. same will be with gold.
So lets try to bring gold count up....
see you all out there :-) Call me/ text me i need you guys, i would love to go out with buddy rather than by my self.

Regards max 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Sunday, 9 June 2013

06/06 outing with Dale helping me with my stress.

Good day,
i supposed to post this several days ago, but was not in the mood of writing the story.
Some of you know what i am going through now, so will understand that being in focus is almost impossible.

Anyway, after crying at my desk at work on Wednesday and being sent home by boss (Thank you Shane) because of my mental meltdown i called  in on Thursday morning that i would not come to work. I simply could not focus on anything, the settled areas of my life are falling apart and it is a VERY VERY hard time for me.

But thank you everyone who support me personally if not you - i do not know where i would be right now.

So later in the morning i got a call from Dale inviting to go for a detect as weather was absolutely perfect. So wiping my tears from the pillow i got ready and around 11 am we went to our first place - the Kohimarama beach... I would tell upfront being there was a huge challenge for me as it is the place where i got married just last year to the love of my life...

We met other detectorists there : Rix with a big spade..(fix your scoop or get stavr one as all of us did) , Treasureseeker wading in the water and his partner.

We stayed only for about 30 minutes as beach is off season and not much left on it, however i managed couple of $$ and 8 gram silver cross.

We left to have lunch(Dales's shout- Thank you very very much) at St.Helliers Indian cafe and were on they way to burned down mansion.

We couldn't really detect there as too much topsoil was put over the ruins.. i bet there are heapsof cool items underneath, but we couldn't get to them.
Dale was a bit dissapointed as he really wanted to find something cool that day, so i took him to the old park and the spot where i knew numerous coins are buried under 8 inches down.

The Third target for me was 1934 Shilling, so Dale was all in arms to find his silver.... after about couple of hours we had a pile of pennies and brown buggers...My other cool find was my 3d traders token :
Edward Waters Penny Traders Token :

That how it looks like in a better condition :

It was getting dark and Dale still was chasing his silver and was adamant that he is not going home without one....
... So he did with one! and the best one :

But there was another coin that i found... that was standing out only when i was washing the lot, is the Victorian Cumberland Jack 'To Hanover' Token :
Read HERE about the token

And the all of best finds together :

But what i really want to say is thank you everyone for  helping me to get through tough time.

P.S. Elena, i love you.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dirt Hunt #6-7/2013 - Brisbane Trip

Good day my friends,
As my trip to Perth is still far ahead and i was sitting without a detector, mentally unstable due to relationship issues that are ongoing since January (that is a main reason for not detecting as much) i decided to fly to Brisbane to pick up CTX 3030 , meet a great couple that i got to know last year at Rarotonga- Greg and Ria and get a little bit of detecting.

I will say again, Thank you very much G&R to host me at such a short notice! (2 hour notice that i am booking flight and 3 hour flight itself). You are a wonderful couple and your 2 fluffy dogs are awesome :-)

I finished work around 5 on friday, run home, and realized that i need to get away. like now.... so i booked the flight and gone. On my way to airport, Dan sent me couple of motivational sms with his finds, so i was 100% sure that i am getting a detector to keep me occupied till august .

The story at the Brisbane ,

Greg really wanted to find something cool at WW2 site, so we went to one of them right after i picked up my machine from BrisbaneGold.
as for me- i wanted to find at least 2 things - the silver Australian coin and ...the Rising Sun.. i had one day, one shot to get it... Guess what? i made Greg very jealous :-)

More over i found the USA button with eagle that he wanted to find and as a super bonus a sunbaker 15gm Silver bracelet! :

On Sunday we decided to visit another WW2 site as Greg really wanted to find something positive, but the location was sinking in the swamp unfortunately and we found only some ammo, but the day was great ! :

The small rising sun pin was found in a park, where i picked up nice half penny with a ru on it :-)

The trip was awesome! i would love to come back!
see you soon with new finds :-)