Thursday 20 June 2013

Hunt # 57 Storm, Hail , Good time

Today had a day off, so had Dale.
First stop was at the small city beach that was an absolute disaster - smelly, polluted, so we decided to move to another spot - mud flats next to old sailing club.
As it was first time for mud detecting for Dale- he realized pretty quickly that it is not his cup a tea :-) All wet and in mud we moved to couple of parks where we scored a silver coin each- mine 1902 UK threepence,
while Dale got 193X florin, completing his set on NZ predecimals ! Congrats! 

My notable finds from the morning were: 

* 1902 3d
* bullet
* 1.5 OZ bronze measuring  weight
* copper square ship nail
* Bronze NZ forces button 

In the evening i got a call From Andrew, wanting to go to the beach for low tide, so we visited Long Bay and Browns bay to check sand conditions - all sanded in , but that didnt stop me finding a nice silver ring before getting completely soaked :-) (it was hailing as well)

Thank you guys for taking me out - you can not imagine how helpful that is .

Here are the finds  : 

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