Friday, 31 January 2014

Treasure Hunting Adventures with White's Dual Field PI

Good Day Everyone !
As I have decided to add Dual Field to my Armory of detectors,  please enjoy the report on what happened  during first 3 days of trial :

The best finds are following rings :

Silver from Dry Sand on Day TWO

Two 9CT rings from Water detecting on Day THREE 

Today was a DAY 4 with Whites and  water detecting , the result is pretty good :-) Gold# 4 for the year and 3d for the White's Dual Field

Other finds from today (water + dry sand for an hour):

Enjoy the Hobby & happy hunting everyone !

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lost Ring Recovery : Takapuna, Auckland 2014

Friday Night, 1800 i am having my dinner before going out to the beach...
Tide is about 2000...
Just salting my Meal when i get a call for help... what happened next? Watch in the Video :-)

See you all at the beach!


Thursday, 23 January 2014

Where was max for the last two weeks?

Some of you are wondering why i didn't post any videos lately.
The reason is that i went on a Bucket list trip to Victoria Gold Fields, Australia

Please be patient for the full amazing story !

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Four Metals in one day : Copper, Brass, Silver & Gold !

Low tide is during the day and all the holiday swimmers are in the water.
So the only way to get to a  "Drop Zone" is actually go in :-(

With all beaches being full it was hard to decide where to go, but we wanted a nice day out that would include nice food, view and decent detecting, so off we went to Waiheke in company of Olga, Dale and me.

First beach we went to was Onetangi, that was washed by current king tides, so after several pull tabs 2 scoops down and not a singe dollar coin, we went to Little Oneroa. 

With 2 hours before low tide i was battling strong waves with ok result of several coins.
It was not only hard to operate machine because of waves,  but also my Koss headphones are completely loosing sound, it seems that cable is either loose or already snapped down to connector :

so i had to switch to my 8inch Excalibur,  glad i did, first target was 5.12 gram old 9CT signet ring, my first gold for the year ;-)

within next hour i got 3 more rings - copper, Brass and Silver :-)

it was already 1600 and we didnt have anything to eat, so decided to go back up to the township above the beach and have some Pat Thai from Red Crab (14.5$ and very nice). After quick lunch we went back into water. but now at main Oneroa beach .  We met Brett there , who was battling cold waves without wetsuite or weight belt  - i could see that he was struggling. He was there for couple of hours and scored some nice ones;-)

Anyway, beach produced couple more artifacts including live round, shot through penny, busted watch and another plated spoon, but no rings.

Trip was absolutely amazing, Dale scored some as well - check his posts, Even Olga found silver earning and 2$ without metal detector as she was spending day reading a book and enjoying the views.

Another 40 minute ride on a ferry home and we were back in Auckland.

See you all at the beach!