Thursday, 29 January 2015

Ring Recovery - Cheltenham Beach, Auckland NZ

Check my another successful story, more stories to come as a waas away for a week of treasure hunting

Monday, 19 January 2015

Very Slow Summer ...

Unfortunately nothing realy exciting to report from past week hunts:

the pile on the left was from one of city beaches that had sand pushed up to high tide mark, exposing a bit of old layer at the bottom- produced some old coins, bucket of sinkers and 2 silver rings.

Where pile on the right is from the Waiheke island, where we caught up with local resident Brett T for a coffee at his amazing Batch  :

Olga was also digging that day and completely smoked  both of us !
she finished the day with  3 rings (1gold, 1 silver and mood ring) + Vintage silver bracelet!

As for me i just got only 1 junk ring :-(

so here are aring from the 2 above hunts:

Another hunt for me was an evening outing at local beach that produced silver ring and some other small pieces:

Silver +3
Junk +1
Keys + 4

*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=2 STG=5 Junk=6 STG Coins: 1,Keys:4

Monday, 12 January 2015

Weekend of metal detecting, long hours - Marginal result

Friday to Sunday detecting in a hope of some yellow, but unfortunately miss this time :-(

Here are 3 hunts that did produce some cool artifacts

2 Lipsticks :

This is the coolest artifact:

Seems either indian or middle east artifact with offering/prayer inside. Sterling Silver

Silver +1
Junk +3

*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=2 STG=2 Junk=5, STG Coins: 1

Friday, 9 January 2015

Choosing wrong Side of the Beach

Went to a local beach for low tide last night and meet up with Chris just 30 minutes into hunt,
as i already was doing "certain area" , he politely advised that he will do just a bit further away spot. Right at that moment i knew he gonna do better than i do :-0)

After 3 hours he got 2 gold and 1 silver, while i got only 1 stg and 1 junk + coins :

*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=2 STG=1 Junk=2, STG Coins: 1

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Digging Pull tabs...

Check my Fresh Video from This Morning :-)

The Ring is 9Ct with a strip of Titanium 6.7 gram :

*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=2 STG=0 Junk=1

Saturday, 3 January 2015

2nd day of 2015 and second recovery job!

Hi all, was busy last night and couldn't process the video,
but check out this recovery :

WHile i was doing lower part of the defined zone, Olga was doing from low tide up, and she did get it! :

And the bonus find is only SS ring this time :

*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=1 STG=0 Junk=1

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Ring Recovery On Early Morning 1 January 2015 + Bonus Find

Got an email from John that his wife lost a precious ring on Monday morning,
so we agreed that we will go morning tide 1 Jan to recover it as 12 tides passe dsince it was lost and moreover we already had couple of windy stormy days since then.

Lucky for us the ring was lost during the pick of high tide and that gives me  a bit of distance on the beach flat to search before ring is dragged/washed away domewhere in unnown direction.

Took me 1.5 hours to  find it :-) check this reaction in a shor video below:

Also, during recovery i got a bonus find:

6.12 Gram of 18 ct , Yahoo... first gold for the 2015 !

*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=1 STG=0 Junk=0

See you all around