Monday 19 January 2015

Very Slow Summer ...

Unfortunately nothing realy exciting to report from past week hunts:

the pile on the left was from one of city beaches that had sand pushed up to high tide mark, exposing a bit of old layer at the bottom- produced some old coins, bucket of sinkers and 2 silver rings.

Where pile on the right is from the Waiheke island, where we caught up with local resident Brett T for a coffee at his amazing Batch  :

Olga was also digging that day and completely smoked  both of us !
she finished the day with  3 rings (1gold, 1 silver and mood ring) + Vintage silver bracelet!

As for me i just got only 1 junk ring :-(

so here are aring from the 2 above hunts:

Another hunt for me was an evening outing at local beach that produced silver ring and some other small pieces:

Silver +3
Junk +1
Keys + 4

*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=2 STG=5 Junk=6 STG Coins: 1,Keys:4

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