Sunday, 28 July 2013

Set the target : Get 2$ coin a silver coin - DONE! :-)

With such a nice weather, but no companion for the beach hunt, i decided to visit my favorite park around the corner .

My target was simple- get at least 2$ coin and one silver coin.

My excitement broke right on the first target! - it was a very nice silver ring with stones (pity its bent and missing couple of gems) :

I spent about 2 hours, finding another   S. Hague Smith Penny Traders Token

And the total of 6$ and a Sixpence! :-)

So, set the goal - achieve it :-)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Beach hunt#63 Silver Ring # 46

With a New Moon and Meggie on 49! gold rings for the year i couldn't sit at home.
Olly called me up for a 1 am hunt. Again, expecting little we went to Narrow Neck.
...I started from top dragging my scoop down to low tide. First Target was an awesome silver Paua Earring (that i will convert into pendant),then on the same line down silver ring and at the water edge got another silver earring!

So, i thought we gonna get some real goodies there, but nothing... i have scanned most of the beach and nothing.

Better luck next time :-)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Beach hunt#62 Junk Ring # 35

Same as the other day- Andrew Called me up for a hunt :-)

Having a very law expectations from find, always a go during winter, so when i got my junk ring followed by the spoon ;-) (you know my legend) i was pretty happy.

But unfortunately there was no gold on a day.. :-( Good walk at the beach at midnight was a reward :

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Beach hunt#61 Junk Ring # 34

Last night got called out by Andrew for an evening walk at the beach :-)
Couldn't say no, so we went to our usual Takapuna spot - as there is always stuff to find :-)

Spent just under 2 hours enjoying calm weather and torch light.

Andrew ended up with 3 Silver rings and 6pence,
Where i got only Sixpence and "Almost Gold Ring "

I am so Into trying to catch up with Meggie :-)
So hopefully i will get another 10 Golds asap :-)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rarotonga Treasure Hunting July 2013

Good Day everybody :-)

I know that some of you are waiting impatiently for my post about last week treasure hunting trip.
This time i was smarter with my videos and processed them on the day, so everything was ready for upload upon my arrival back to NZ.

I am not going to write here about how great it was - everything is narrated in the Video, so please watch, comment, subscribe!

Here i will just post a picture of all the finds :

* over 300$ in coins
* 13 gold rings
* gold earring and pendant
* 5 silver rings
* 2 silver earrings
* 4 junk rings

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Beach hunt#60 Winter at Whangaparaoa , Auckland

Andrew and i decided to have a small adventure this morning, as it is Winter here - we didn't have much expectation from a very hunted beach... especially after Big Moon weekend when every person with Metal detector went out to try own luck... Watch the video and do not forget to Subscribe to my Channel !

And here are the rings (26&27 gold for the year):

4.5 Hours today. and both Rings are in the last 30 minutes of the hunt.
There are invitations for tonight from Brett and Olly, also Possible morning Hunt tomorrow with Andrew.
We will see how i am going to feel. and maybe going to have one more outing today .

P.S. i will post an update on Camera as a separate post if i can get any photos  out of the memory card

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Suit Up!

Barney Told Me:

So i Did! :

Scored Crewsaver Neoprene immersion Suit for only 80$!!!!!!!!!!!! You can not beat that!!!!

Unpacked and donned in under 2 minutes
Fire retardant Neoprene construction
Withstands the impact of a jump into
water from 4.5m
Prevents a typical wearer’s core body
temperature from dropping by more than
2C after six hours in calm water of 0-2C

Now i can spent all the time i want in the water during those cold cold nights :-)