Saturday 6 July 2013

Beach hunt#60 Winter at Whangaparaoa , Auckland

Andrew and i decided to have a small adventure this morning, as it is Winter here - we didn't have much expectation from a very hunted beach... especially after Big Moon weekend when every person with Metal detector went out to try own luck... Watch the video and do not forget to Subscribe to my Channel !

And here are the rings (26&27 gold for the year):

4.5 Hours today. and both Rings are in the last 30 minutes of the hunt.
There are invitations for tonight from Brett and Olly, also Possible morning Hunt tomorrow with Andrew.
We will see how i am going to feel. and maybe going to have one more outing today .

P.S. i will post an update on Camera as a separate post if i can get any photos  out of the memory card


  1. Bugger and here I was thinking I was catching up to you... :)

    Congrats on 2 more golds but you weren't wearing the Telly Tubby suit!!!

  2. Well done Max.
    Do you like the 17" coil on the CTX?