Thursday 4 July 2013

Suit Up!

Barney Told Me:

So i Did! :

Scored Crewsaver Neoprene immersion Suit for only 80$!!!!!!!!!!!! You can not beat that!!!!

Unpacked and donned in under 2 minutes
Fire retardant Neoprene construction
Withstands the impact of a jump into
water from 4.5m
Prevents a typical wearer’s core body
temperature from dropping by more than
2C after six hours in calm water of 0-2C

Now i can spent all the time i want in the water during those cold cold nights :-)


  1. Maybe buy a houseboat too and just travel from beach to beach. :-)

    1. Haha :-) maybe one day - an exploratory vessel :-)

    2. Or maybe ....

      Newsflash - Children have been rushing to Takapuna beach this evening as there are reports
      of a Red Telly Tubby swimming close to shore. Parents are warned not to let their kids approach too close as
      it is thought to be muttering Russian or other bad words while waving a stick in the air........!!!

  2. LOL, Sorry Max, but Chris's mention of Telly Tubby was the first thought that entered my head as well when I saw that pic! Hope you got enough lead in the weight belt to keep you down! But then again if you don't make sure somebody is videoing it for You Tube please.... :)

    But I am wondering how much gold jewelry has been lost in the waters off Antarctica?.

    1. I will need at least 10KGlead +, but again going only weist deep i will be ok, Hopefully.
      It is very very buoyant. But i like the Idea that it takes only 1 minute to put it on and keeps very very warm.
      so can detect any time in the water :-)

  3. Yup, Google search for the image of "PO" Telly Tubby. Similarity is scary.....