Monday 24 June 2013

Hunt # 58&59 - Both low tides 23/06

With the lowest tides, and a Broken scoop (4th time)
I rushed to fix it in the morning to get to Takapuna,

The first hunt was close to lunch time, where Brett already was hammering beach for an hour with a gold result... Bustard! other 2 detectorists were scattering around in uncontrolled pattern. so decided to do couple of walks parallel to the shore ankle deep in the water.

Had about an hour or so before going to work, so manged some change and a 10.5gram silver bracelet "I Love You "

The next outing was after i finished my evening shift at work .Olly picked me up 23:30 and we went to Takapuna to wader further deep in the water....
The night was amazing! it was quite, no waves, no wind. crystal clean water with fish jumping around and enormous crabs chasing our coils and light spots from the torches....
...But it was Cold... Very VERY cold... with my summer 3 mil wetsuit i got chills in first 30-45 minutes.
But it was ll worth it. Not that we found much, but be out there.. trying to empty my mind and simply enjoy water...
I got a very nice condition penny - they always look like this when they come out of clay :

We both got a ring each as well, Olly got silver i got junk :-(
But here are the rest of the finds for the day :

Thoughts of the night:
* get a 7+ mill wet suit
* Do up scoop properly with stainless steel  handle
* Swim year round in the ocean as water heals....

 I am now Open for any trips, any meetup. If you want to go out somewhere - call me /message me i am happy to come around

For my South Island friends - if you have a couch for me to sleep on and you plan a weekend detecting trip and would like me to come a long with stories and make a nice trip - feel free to invite for any type of detecting, treasure, Gold.

I hope you all have a great time! 

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  1. nothing much beats those super still evenings and early mornings with the beach to yourself and the various wildlife , metal detecting is sort of meditative, you and the sounds from the