Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mission Bay Metal Detecting : Car key recovery

Another successful story :

Thanks, Brett for passing my number on to the couple.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mud hunting,following TONZNZ example

Hi all,

Treasure Seeker and i went on a muddy hunt today following example of one of the other metal detectorist in NZ.
I used shovel as sand scoop was useless in the mud, but even then i had to use a lot of force to get the shovel out of mud...after 4 hours i got really tired...
As it was expected for the area, we got a lot of rubbish, but at least it was heavy rubbish like lead pieces, brass , copper etc :

The best finds are 9 coins, where is scored 2 UK silvers that i am very happy with,
I got my first Uk shilling and also a decent condition 3pence :

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

40 Minutes at St.Helliers bay in the dark

While Elena wanted to do a power walk around the bay, i decided to swing my Excalibur around.
Unfortunately it was full tide on an hour and all i had -was an upper wave limit.
From the past week experience- heavier targets were washed up, so i was convinced that i will find something nice.

The total walk was about 30-40 minutes that produced  two coins of 1$ each, costume J, pendant and the following stainless steel  "Nike" ring :

Those Stainless steel rings are always a heart stopper, especially in the dark - as they can be either PLAT or white gold... and when you find no marking- sad face :-(

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Milford , Excalibur - Gold# 12

I couldn't sit with a swing this weekend after i saw Chris's post and his awesome find.
So i convinced Elena (my wife) to go to the beach for couple of hours :-)
I spend over 1 hour wondering around before low tide mark without any success.
I had no targets whatsoever !
Then i decided to check the upper limit (upper wave mark) and Bingo! couple of sinkers and silver Threepence 1934 was a signal that waves actually washed all heavy stuff to the top..  so i started doing the 2-3 meter wide area and had numerous targets 20-30 SM apart from each other!. There were a number of sinkers, keys, old 5/10/20/50C pieces and the best find of the day , Unmarked Gold ring with Saphire !

This one was at the beach forever! it is actually cracked at 2  spots and was getting stone growing on it (it was lost many years ago)

I've cleaned it a bit with electrolysis  and now it looks a bit better.
might be rose gold . I like it :-)

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