Sunday 5 August 2012

Milford , Excalibur - Gold# 12

I couldn't sit with a swing this weekend after i saw Chris's post and his awesome find.
So i convinced Elena (my wife) to go to the beach for couple of hours :-)
I spend over 1 hour wondering around before low tide mark without any success.
I had no targets whatsoever !
Then i decided to check the upper limit (upper wave mark) and Bingo! couple of sinkers and silver Threepence 1934 was a signal that waves actually washed all heavy stuff to the top..  so i started doing the 2-3 meter wide area and had numerous targets 20-30 SM apart from each other!. There were a number of sinkers, keys, old 5/10/20/50C pieces and the best find of the day , Unmarked Gold ring with Saphire !

This one was at the beach forever! it is actually cracked at 2  spots and was getting stone growing on it (it was lost many years ago)

I've cleaned it a bit with electrolysis  and now it looks a bit better.
might be rose gold . I like it :-)

Thanks for stopping by !


  1. I understand that got to go hunt feeling very well Max. Well done on the gold in silver.

    If there is no mark do you think it is actually gold? Might be one of those plated rings perhaps.

  2. Nope, Gold. when looking on the broken side- its all gold. also they way it was found - nice and clean out of sand with some coral /shell growing over it :-)