Wednesday 15 August 2012

40 Minutes at St.Helliers bay in the dark

While Elena wanted to do a power walk around the bay, i decided to swing my Excalibur around.
Unfortunately it was full tide on an hour and all i had -was an upper wave limit.
From the past week experience- heavier targets were washed up, so i was convinced that i will find something nice.

The total walk was about 30-40 minutes that produced  two coins of 1$ each, costume J, pendant and the following stainless steel  "Nike" ring :

Those Stainless steel rings are always a heart stopper, especially in the dark - as they can be either PLAT or white gold... and when you find no marking- sad face :-(

thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yup, S/S jewelry should be made illegal or at least come in plain packaging - its bad for our health! :)

  2. so we both had a nike ring this week....

  3. Its my second "Nike" ring so far...
    lets hope now for white gold :-))

  4. Maybe stainless is punishment for not power walking. :-)

  5. HAHA.. i spend more energy when i bend over to pick up stuff every 2 minutes anyway :-)

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