Thursday 16 August 2012

Mud hunting,following TONZNZ example

Hi all,

Treasure Seeker and i went on a muddy hunt today following example of one of the other metal detectorist in NZ.
I used shovel as sand scoop was useless in the mud, but even then i had to use a lot of force to get the shovel out of mud...after 4 hours i got really tired...
As it was expected for the area, we got a lot of rubbish, but at least it was heavy rubbish like lead pieces, brass , copper etc :

The best finds are 9 coins, where is scored 2 UK silvers that i am very happy with,
I got my first Uk shilling and also a decent condition 3pence :

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  1. This is when I think it would be good to be a shift worker. Well on nice days anyway. Well done on the English silvers. Is TH going to post too?