Sunday, 20 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 17, Wasted 3 hours of morning...

That is it folks... sand is now everywhere... A lot! :-(
Andrew and I went to 2 different beaches and after 3 hours my finds are as following :

 I think i will wait a week before going back to the beaches. But, we will. see...

Friday, 18 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 16, Heavily sanded in Devonport

Good evening!
I had a chance to catch the evening tide as well, so took 15 minute ferry ride to devonport, spent about 3 hours digging aluminum and pull tabs, bit got rewarded with a nice keeper :

Its only 1.35 9ct, but i take it :-)
i ma not posting all other crap i found today - just a whole pouch of aluminum.

Here is a Video of ferry ride and a ring find :

Happy Hunting, see you at the beach :-)

2013 Hunt# 15, Heavily sanded in Mission bay

Good day fellas!

Set alarm clock for 5:10 to get ready and catch a 6 am bus  for a 6:50 low tide....
Dring Dring... i sleep in ... woke up 05:45 and ruched to get the bus at 06:25 .

Basically i had to do upcoming tide right away that was washing away my grind lines :-(

Anyway, 4 hours at the beach,covering from bottom limit to top limit of tide, produced 3 rings and just 1$ in goldies o_O O_o 

The rings: 1 junk stainless steel  another is crappy toe ring.. but 3d....
the 3d ring is 2.21 gram CZ 9ct ! and my gold ring#6 for the year ! :

Here are all finds from today 0_o (i usually do not dig 10c pieces, but there were no other targets whatsoever today)

And here are couple of clips from  today :

Thanks for watching, and remember : 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 14, Sea shore, Lake Shore

Good day everyone,

Elena (my wife) had to go to work right away (she just came back from Russia yesterday) ,so i teamed up with Brett (Littlespec) for a detecting outing.

First we went to Takapuna beach to checkthed sand lvl - too much.... so we left beach 5:10 am and went to Browns bay.
05:30 we were already doing the low tide mark :-)
3 hours in upcoming tided produced 10$, silver and a Gold # 5 for the year !

Its 2.11 gram 18 CT pearl ring, that is missing one small pearl .
The silver ring is pretty generic and weights 7.13 gram

Brett got a silver ring, a silver bracelet and a 9ct triple ring that looks like this :

We made a breakfast brake at 9 before going to Lake Pupuke (Auckland volcano lake that has no shore and almost immediate depth drop)
It was a bit hard to detect there and we spent only about an hour - Brett got lucky again and scored really old drop 9ct wedding band.
where i got just some coins and an old Lighter made in uk :

Here are all my finds for the day (the bottom raw is from the lake , with marble being an eye find)

And last, but not least- a short video for those who like to see rings coming out of the sand:

Thanks for watching, see you at the beach!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 12&13,Ring Recovery & Auckland to Coromandel adventures

Good day everyone!
I didn't have time to post the story last night as i was cleaning the house before my wife arrival from Russia, No No i didn't order a Russian Bride :-) you bastards thinking exactly that right away, aren't you? :-)
No, she went for 2 weeks to see her parents, so i had my 2 weeks of detecting everyday :-)
Oh well, back under the heel :-(

Anyway, here is a story - Andrew and i planned to go to Whitianga on Monday (200 drive from Auckland) before midday tide, but he was asked to cancel leave and return to work for urgent stuff :-( so that was delayed till evening and i went to Takapuna for 4 hours detecting.

That scored me my 4th gold ring of the year and 2 other silvers:

Then i got a call from Andrew that he is free at around 6 Pm , so we decided to go on a trip and get to Night low tide (4 am), as Whitianga was really busy in the last 2 weeks with extra 60K people in the area.
We arrived about 11 pm and the main beach had a crazy wave movement cutting a beach at the top and as we watched tide go out it was very very promising. So we went to sleep in the car at the beach till 3:30 am.

That was a disaster!!! when we woke - the tide was out, but there was no cut! Beach was completely flattened with a lot of fluffy sand on top and no targets what so ever, the only target i could get- was  an old spoon washed up in the upper limit , Andrew got 1$ coin , that is it in 1hour +

So we decided  to go to famous Tourist spot - Cathedral Cove . We were told by Dan (another metal detecting guy) that he pulled a good amount of coins from there several years ago from a dry sand - so we wanted to give it a go as all beaches were sanded in anyway.

We didnt get much, maybe 10$ each or so. Plus a got a pile of junk/silver pendants, where silver part is only circle around brass plate and coin pendant is non silver 6 pence.

About Lunch Tuesday i got a call about Lost ring in the garden, so we went back to Auckland to search for it. Initially it sounded like an easy job, but there were a lot of shrubs in the bark over construction rubbish, so we were pulling heaps of lead nails, wires and other stuff for about an hour, and then Bingo!
The owner of the ring was so revealed, as it is HUGE ENORMOUS 60+ gram ring with sapphires and diamonds :

Andrew and i were so excited , that we decided to hit 5pm tide before going home for sleep (we had only 3 hour sleep since Monday) . We went to Milford beach 2 hours before tide to hit wet sand infront of life guards - that was failure, as beach was also sanded in heavily and we were getting only light aluminum and no single coin or any heavy target. so we left and went to Takapuna to hit water during low tide hour.
Unfortunately weather changed really quickly from sunny day to windy rain, so we had to leave as we didnt have our wetsuits and it got really chilly :-(
However Andrew got 1947 Shilling (bummer- 1 year from silver) and i got 1934 silver sixpence.
We gonna go back later on.

Here is Video of the above events :

So that is me for now, about 500Km was driven, no personal gold, but a returned gold over 2 ounces :-)

Thanks for reading and watching, see you at the beach!

Monday, 14 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 11 , Waiheke meet up, another 73 year Xmass gift

Good day all,
Andrew and i went to Waiheke to meet up with Brett Thom at the same beach i detected on 12/12/2012

Despite a sunburn line on my back between shorts and t-shirt - the day was absolutely awesome!
Everyone got some cool finds that i would like to share here :

Andrews' best finds are the following 2 rings :

Both silver, but the one with a stone he is going to test . We all were like :"WOW" the stone looks real, but it is unclear what exactly it is.... More to come.

Here are all my finds after cleaning :

My best coins are 3 NZ silvers (i broke the 3d while cleaning) :

there are 2 more florins that are not silver as they past 1946, and same goes to English Shilling that is 1949 :-(

Another Antique watch (waterproof) ,but busted anyway :

And here are the best 3 (besides silver coins) :

The bracelet is 925 with the words of wisdom on the outside stating following :

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart... Confucius

The ring and a silver triple ring (1/3 of the set) with Cubic zirconia :

And the Gold find of the Day is another 3 Gram 9 ct locket that has a following engraving :

" June from Colin xmass 1940 "
 The locket is same size and very similar to one i found on last trip, but absolutely unrelated : 

 Another items to mentions are :
* rolled gold chain (all gold has gone from it except the clasp)
* nice spoons
* the hair clip that has a waiheke island logo on it
* pocket knife

No gold ring for me or anyone team member , but , again, we had an awesome day!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 10 , Christmas gift 86 years ago.

Hi all,

Trying to keep up with my Austrlain Detecting members in the

****** 2013 Great Aussie Gold Ring Shootout Comp ******

So, 2 events happened today :
1,st i tried to do a ring recovery for a Lady who lost a ring at a very difficult beach, that is located next to the main port and is polluted with lean and copper scraps... everywhere.... spent about 40 minutes, fruitless :-(
very sad about it.. The Lady and her partner are very kind people and presented me a gift bag with a box of chocolate and a bottle of wine for the effort, even that i didnt find the ring. (the bottle of wine is going to Brett , who actually gave my number out.)
Once again, thank you guys.

The second event is that i went to do water detecting at Takapuna as i already cleaned out wet sand the other day and low tide is right in the middle of the day, so all people swim below low tide mark. To find something - had to go in the water... and ...nothing... it is hard to cover an area in the water, so i tiredkeep at weist -chest deep exactly where all people are... nothing....

..... Decided to go to wet sand at the not so popular part of the beach . instead of doing water-beach grind, i decided to do spiral from the half way....

And i got lucky! its is absolutely tiny -tiny signet  ring that doesn't even go on my pinky - and my fingers are really slim. :

It was already with green stuff on it- old old ring....
.. so when i cleaned from inside- i was amazed with the date on it! 25/12/27 !
can you imagine  how many years it spent in the sand!

And last bit , the Square ring from Devonport turned out to be silver and not junk (after i decided to put it through electrolyze - came out nice and shine, sorry no clean picture-forgot to make, next time ) - changing my silver/junk count

And here is final picture of today finds :

The hart shape thing - is plated copper piercing. looks OK to be honest,

Thanks for reading :-)

Friday, 11 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 9 .Sand.... Sand is everywhere....

Went to St Heliers and not only saw tracks from other detectorist, but also enormous amount of sand everywhere.

Gave up and moved to Kohimarama to check a bit there - nothing....

Todays result after 2+ hours is 4$ and 3 crap earnings that are not worth posting the picture of.

There is always tomorrow :-)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013 Hunt#8 Lord of the Rings, Literally

Good day everyone.. and i mean it!
Had a time before my afternoon shift to get to the beach for an outgoing tide,
The first target was a bit junker silver ring, then pull tab, and 3d target of the morning was a heavy 9 CT band! :-)
See the video here :

I didnt film any other recoveries , but i got total 6 rings for the day and a Silver Locket (tried to find a chain around- no chain, or to thin fro Excal)

Here are all finds for today :

The Close up of rings:
 The Ring on the right upper corner is a "The One Ring" from "Lord of the Rings"

I also got two silver 3 pence :-) one English and on NZ
Thanks for visiting ,y Blog and all comments are welcome :-)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ring Recovery for Magdalena and Scott by Allan- Mount Maunganui 29/12/2012

It was my please arrange a ring Recovery by Mount Maunganui resident Allan via my metal detecting website :

Here is what they write :
"Thanks again so much for helping us find our precious wedding ring and getting us in touch with Alan who found it so efficiently for us.
As you know we lost our ring while swimming in the surf at mt maunganui beach at high tide. After hours of fruitless searching in the dark and in the pouring rain we thought we would never see it again. We considered hiring a metal detector the next day, but fortunately came across your website first. Thanks for picking up our call at 10:30 pm and organizing getting in touch with Alan.
Alan was an amazing help and clearly a very experienced searcher as he found the ring in no time. The ring was already buried under 5 cm of sand, so the metal detector was the only way of ever finding it.
Thanks so much, it's amazing having the ring back as it means so much to us.
Lesson learnt - never swim in cold surf with wedding rings. :-)
Kind regards
Magdalena and Scott Taylor"

Here is word from Allan :

"Hi Max
I was very pleased to be involved in this textbook recovery,was very happy for them as the Ring was one of a matching pair
The Mount was packed with people their for New Year and quite a few had gathered around to witness the Recovery and clapped(something I will remember for along time)
Regards  Allan "

2013 Hunt#6&7 Once nice, next day sanded in

Good day everyone,
Went on the evening hunt last night at Cheltenham Beach, Devonport, Auckland

And  o Boy! what an evening, first target is a coin spill of 4$ -that covered the ferry ticket right away (it usually cost 6$ one way from Auckland cbd to the Devonport, but i got 10 ride pass for 40$ )

Then moving through enormous ammount of "Fluffy" sand i got to one of the popular sport of the beach and ... Bang! a Ring... and you would not belive me.. it turned out to be another PALLADIUM 950 ring! Crazy! 2 similar rings in 2 weeks

The next good target i hit took me about 30 minutes to collect..... and the reason was - about 100 coins were spilled/deliberately dropped at the beach. There were just blobs of coins, as some of them were crappy plated steel ones like use 1 cent and nz 10 cents and other...

 And then with the night fall... i got it.......I GOT IT!!! :

It is 18 Carat 5.56 grams :-)

Here are all the finds with coins being cleaned up :

Sweet hunt of only about 4 hours...
But that was yeastarday.

Today i went to the same beach to finish couple of spots i was unble to do as i had to run for my return ferry.
and... nothing... i got absolutely nothing today....
I am pretty sure that i jinxed it saying that "oh its easy to find couple of bucks at the beach during summer"
i will never say that again :-)

Thanks for reading and see you all at the beach 

Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 Hunt#5 Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake!

Good day everyone,

Woke up with the sun rise to catch the first bus for Mission Bay :
And a return ticket (by time stamps you see that it was 6 hours:45 minutes!)

With low tide around 8 am i was able to finish the whole wet sand at mission bay before tide start coming up, so i moved to Kohi beach....

But first the mission bay fidns,
I got about 13$ HEAPS of junk blink,
the only 2 piece of Jewellery that are of mention are Big silver ring with a "roses" and a silver hoop ring :

The ring is 9.6 Grams

The Kohi was a big triple disappointment!
First of all, it looks like someone already cleaned it out last night, and dropped a number of those stainless steell pallets around - same as last year (see on main picture of all finds)
Second Disappointment was a FAKE wedding band! I almost thought :"YAY 1st gold , finally" and then ...   :-(  ...
I think someone deliberately dropped that ring in surf for me to find... and i even can guess who.......i will check with that person :-)

and Third one was  Key find request- sounds easy and the area was pretty small on dry sand.... but... Key was lost yesterday during the day and whoever went over Kohimarama last night picked it up.

Fellow detectorists readin my blog, whoever went to Kohi last night and picked up a house Key with a mailmbox key on a ring with a triangle, Please send me a txt 0272766257 so we can return it to the person.

And here are all of my finds :

Hope you all enjoy the sunny weather
See you at the beach

Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013 Hunt#4 The Lord of the Rings and the chain to hold them all

Good day!
Still chasing my Gold Ring for my Australian Competition... No success :-(

Spent about 4 hours at the beach this morning and even had a chance to try out PI machine!
Garrett Sea hunter is an interesting machine and i liked that it was possible to"shape" the object by signal, but i do not like to dig bobby pins. nails and other ferrous targets, where my Excal just nulls them

Here are all the Uncleaned finds from the beach (+ 7.2$ that went into piggy bank right away)

No No, there were not found on the chain at once :-) i just put them like that :-)

Total 33.11 of sterling :

And lets make a nice composition again :

Tomorrow, Tomorrow is the day i find my first gold for 2013 :-)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

2013 Hunt#3 Somewhere around Northshore beaches

Good day!
Trying really hard to find my first gold of 2013... but still no success,.....

Check these finds from today : 

So you see 2 rings ,

No they are not both silver.... :-)
The band on the left is a wooping 6.75 Platinum stamped 950 :-)
Sweet! :-)
thanks for stopping by