Thursday 17 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 14, Sea shore, Lake Shore

Good day everyone,

Elena (my wife) had to go to work right away (she just came back from Russia yesterday) ,so i teamed up with Brett (Littlespec) for a detecting outing.

First we went to Takapuna beach to checkthed sand lvl - too much.... so we left beach 5:10 am and went to Browns bay.
05:30 we were already doing the low tide mark :-)
3 hours in upcoming tided produced 10$, silver and a Gold # 5 for the year !

Its 2.11 gram 18 CT pearl ring, that is missing one small pearl .
The silver ring is pretty generic and weights 7.13 gram

Brett got a silver ring, a silver bracelet and a 9ct triple ring that looks like this :

We made a breakfast brake at 9 before going to Lake Pupuke (Auckland volcano lake that has no shore and almost immediate depth drop)
It was a bit hard to detect there and we spent only about an hour - Brett got lucky again and scored really old drop 9ct wedding band.
where i got just some coins and an old Lighter made in uk :

Here are all my finds for the day (the bottom raw is from the lake , with marble being an eye find)

And last, but not least- a short video for those who like to see rings coming out of the sand:

Thanks for watching, see you at the beach!


  1. Hey, you're in the lead until the Aussies get back from the beach... :)

    Nice ring that one, pearls aren't very common nowadays.

    1. just checked the forum, Maggie has come back and no gold.. i am in the lead at least for the day.
      Need like an awesome day of 2+ rings to make a super lead :-)

  2. Max go back to work. Making me envious every day. :-)
    Nice Pearl ring. Old style do you think.
    Good to see Brett getting some stuff too.

    1. Brett is now 3 gold ring up, Dan 3 as well, Andrew 0 :-(
      I am on leave till next week :-)

  3. You guys are doing much better then me this year:

    Brett is now 3 gold ring up, Dan 3 as well, Andrew & Grant 0 :-(

    Keep it up, don't let the roll loose momentum!