Wednesday 9 January 2013

2013 Hunt#6&7 Once nice, next day sanded in

Good day everyone,
Went on the evening hunt last night at Cheltenham Beach, Devonport, Auckland

And  o Boy! what an evening, first target is a coin spill of 4$ -that covered the ferry ticket right away (it usually cost 6$ one way from Auckland cbd to the Devonport, but i got 10 ride pass for 40$ )

Then moving through enormous ammount of "Fluffy" sand i got to one of the popular sport of the beach and ... Bang! a Ring... and you would not belive me.. it turned out to be another PALLADIUM 950 ring! Crazy! 2 similar rings in 2 weeks

The next good target i hit took me about 30 minutes to collect..... and the reason was - about 100 coins were spilled/deliberately dropped at the beach. There were just blobs of coins, as some of them were crappy plated steel ones like use 1 cent and nz 10 cents and other...

 And then with the night fall... i got it.......I GOT IT!!! :

It is 18 Carat 5.56 grams :-)

Here are all the finds with coins being cleaned up :

Sweet hunt of only about 4 hours...
But that was yeastarday.

Today i went to the same beach to finish couple of spots i was unble to do as i had to run for my return ferry.
and... nothing... i got absolutely nothing today....
I am pretty sure that i jinxed it saying that "oh its easy to find couple of bucks at the beach during summer"
i will never say that again :-)

Thanks for reading and see you all at the beach 


  1. Congrats on the gold (18ct!= Yipee!!) and palladium :)
    The PD looks like a chunky one?

    Now just 2 more rings to get into the lead....!

    1. PD- Palladium,not platinum, but similar. same as previous one.
      Yap, 2 more rings..... to be in the lead.. will try tomorrow

  2. Hi

    I love your sand scoop with the handle. Did you make this yourself?

    1. Hi Scot,
      the scoop is Stavr Sccop - that cost about 250$NZD shipped, depending on the exchange rate,
      if you need one, let me know as there is another person want one, so combine shipping will be cheaper :-)

    2. Thanks Max. I'm not even a newbie yet. Just lurking around trying to figure out what gear I'll need before going in head first.