Thursday 10 January 2013

2013 Hunt#8 Lord of the Rings, Literally

Good day everyone.. and i mean it!
Had a time before my afternoon shift to get to the beach for an outgoing tide,
The first target was a bit junker silver ring, then pull tab, and 3d target of the morning was a heavy 9 CT band! :-)
See the video here :

I didnt film any other recoveries , but i got total 6 rings for the day and a Silver Locket (tried to find a chain around- no chain, or to thin fro Excal)

Here are all finds for today :

The Close up of rings:
 The Ring on the right upper corner is a "The One Ring" from "Lord of the Rings"

I also got two silver 3 pence :-) one English and on NZ
Thanks for visiting ,y Blog and all comments are welcome :-)


  1. Nice ones! I have a fondness for 2 tone rings.

    One more to get in the lead - unless one of the other 3 got one today..... :)

    1. aussiedigger already returned from the Hunt and got only silver, no gold

      waiting for posts from Count Pierre & Meggie

  2. Nice hunting! Must check n see how many air points i've got to use up ;)
    Gotta get up Nth and have a detect with ya some time on a decent beach!!!

    1. You are more than welcome to come over :-)