Monday 7 January 2013

2013 Hunt#5 Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake!

Good day everyone,

Woke up with the sun rise to catch the first bus for Mission Bay :
And a return ticket (by time stamps you see that it was 6 hours:45 minutes!)

With low tide around 8 am i was able to finish the whole wet sand at mission bay before tide start coming up, so i moved to Kohi beach....

But first the mission bay fidns,
I got about 13$ HEAPS of junk blink,
the only 2 piece of Jewellery that are of mention are Big silver ring with a "roses" and a silver hoop ring :

The ring is 9.6 Grams

The Kohi was a big triple disappointment!
First of all, it looks like someone already cleaned it out last night, and dropped a number of those stainless steell pallets around - same as last year (see on main picture of all finds)
Second Disappointment was a FAKE wedding band! I almost thought :"YAY 1st gold , finally" and then ...   :-(  ...
I think someone deliberately dropped that ring in surf for me to find... and i even can guess who.......i will check with that person :-)

and Third one was  Key find request- sounds easy and the area was pretty small on dry sand.... but... Key was lost yesterday during the day and whoever went over Kohimarama last night picked it up.

Fellow detectorists readin my blog, whoever went to Kohi last night and picked up a house Key with a mailmbox key on a ring with a triangle, Please send me a txt 0272766257 so we can return it to the person.

And here are all of my finds :

Hope you all enjoy the sunny weather
See you at the beach


  1. Ha! the problem is your wanting the gold too much, try wishing for junk jewellery and that 22ct 16g gold ring will appear!

    By the way shall I rub it in that you need 3 rings to get ahead in the shoot out :)

    My hunt this morning netted me the grand total of $1 so you didn't do to badly......

    1. I wil WIL get ahead! i booked full week off next week for the Low Low tide :-))))