Wednesday 2 January 2013

5 am Low tide Takapuna,First hunt of 2013

Good afternoon all,

Brett (Littlespec) and i went to Takapuna and...oh ma.. the weather was just beautiful!
The waves were long quite ones,smashing  only at the shore.

Brett was doing wet sand and wading up to weist,where i headed right away for the line of chest deep.

I really really wanted to score a first gold on fisrt hunt of 2013, but oh well,

Here are all my finds but 3 coins that i didnt take a picture of:

The rings are : Stainless steel, Silver and .. a wooping 12..56 gram of Tungsten Carbide "True Man" ring 0_o

The problem with those Tungsten rings that they COST a lot, but WORTH nothing, same as Swarovsky Crystals

Oh well, will get one tomorrow


  1. The silver is still a good start to the NY. If the US is anything to go by those SS and Tungsten rings will only become more and more common unfortunately.

    Heading out for a salt beach hunt myself early tomorrow - lets see what the BOP can offer up! :)

  2. By the way, what did those chocolates sound like with the Excel?? :)

    1. The sound was like "OMNOM NOM NOM" :-)

  3. A good start to 2013 Max.
    How did LS do?

  4. Bet the beach was packed today. Now all ready for you in the morning. :-)