Friday 18 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 15, Heavily sanded in Mission bay

Good day fellas!

Set alarm clock for 5:10 to get ready and catch a 6 am bus  for a 6:50 low tide....
Dring Dring... i sleep in ... woke up 05:45 and ruched to get the bus at 06:25 .

Basically i had to do upcoming tide right away that was washing away my grind lines :-(

Anyway, 4 hours at the beach,covering from bottom limit to top limit of tide, produced 3 rings and just 1$ in goldies o_O O_o 

The rings: 1 junk stainless steel  another is crappy toe ring.. but 3d....
the 3d ring is 2.21 gram CZ 9ct ! and my gold ring#6 for the year ! :

Here are all finds from today 0_o (i usually do not dig 10c pieces, but there were no other targets whatsoever today)

And here are couple of clips from  today :

Thanks for watching, and remember : 


  1. 3 weeks in and you've already beaten my count for last year! You'll have to change your name to Midas if you keep this up :)

  2. You are nailing the gold rings! Congratulations.