Saturday 5 January 2013

2013 Hunt#3 Somewhere around Northshore beaches

Good day!
Trying really hard to find my first gold of 2013... but still no success,.....

Check these finds from today : 

So you see 2 rings ,

No they are not both silver.... :-)
The band on the left is a wooping 6.75 Platinum stamped 950 :-)
Sweet! :-)
thanks for stopping by


  1. Oh now I understand.
    Well done.

  2. Very well done. As good as gold!

  3. Oops, this turned out to be Palladium (PD) rind with 683$USD per ounce

    1. Nope, worse :-( but still better than stainless steel , 9 ct or silver :-)

  4. Hey Max, I just noticed the pic of the ring has a pinkish tinge. Did you put on that wig before taking the photo??? :)

    May not be as good as Platinum but at 6.7g its twice as heavy as the average gold ring!

    1. its my Saturday wig :-).
      the ring is good. it actually will be nice try to locate the owner ..for a reward :-)

      the other the problem is that i am 2 gold rings behind from a leader in Australian 2013 gold rings competition :-(

  5. 62 rings with over 900hrs detecting put in - you're going to have to camp out permanently on the beaches to beat Meggie this year!!!

    But it will be a great challenge! Pity I'm no longer close to a beach otherwise would suggest a Kiwi Shootout. Winner gets an extremely valuable Stainless Steel ring and a complementing pink hairdo...... :)

  6. Well done Max,thats a big chunk of ring