Monday 14 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 11 , Waiheke meet up, another 73 year Xmass gift

Good day all,
Andrew and i went to Waiheke to meet up with Brett Thom at the same beach i detected on 12/12/2012

Despite a sunburn line on my back between shorts and t-shirt - the day was absolutely awesome!
Everyone got some cool finds that i would like to share here :

Andrews' best finds are the following 2 rings :

Both silver, but the one with a stone he is going to test . We all were like :"WOW" the stone looks real, but it is unclear what exactly it is.... More to come.

Here are all my finds after cleaning :

My best coins are 3 NZ silvers (i broke the 3d while cleaning) :

there are 2 more florins that are not silver as they past 1946, and same goes to English Shilling that is 1949 :-(

Another Antique watch (waterproof) ,but busted anyway :

And here are the best 3 (besides silver coins) :

The bracelet is 925 with the words of wisdom on the outside stating following :

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart... Confucius

The ring and a silver triple ring (1/3 of the set) with Cubic zirconia :

And the Gold find of the Day is another 3 Gram 9 ct locket that has a following engraving :

" June from Colin xmass 1940 "
 The locket is same size and very similar to one i found on last trip, but absolutely unrelated : 

 Another items to mentions are :
* rolled gold chain (all gold has gone from it except the clasp)
* nice spoons
* the hair clip that has a waiheke island logo on it
* pocket knife

No gold ring for me or anyone team member , but , again, we had an awesome day!


  1. Well done all 3.
    Specially like that silver stone ring of Andrews.
    The lockets pretty cool too.

    Was there any pics in the lockets?

  2. Great Waiheke Raid! I would call Andrew's stone for an amethyst?

    Pity its a ring shoot out and not a gold jewellery one. Love the locket!