Sunday 6 January 2013

2013 Hunt#4 The Lord of the Rings and the chain to hold them all

Good day!
Still chasing my Gold Ring for my Australian Competition... No success :-(

Spent about 4 hours at the beach this morning and even had a chance to try out PI machine!
Garrett Sea hunter is an interesting machine and i liked that it was possible to"shape" the object by signal, but i do not like to dig bobby pins. nails and other ferrous targets, where my Excal just nulls them

Here are all the Uncleaned finds from the beach (+ 7.2$ that went into piggy bank right away)

No No, there were not found on the chain at once :-) i just put them like that :-)

Total 33.11 of sterling :

And lets make a nice composition again :

Tomorrow, Tomorrow is the day i find my first gold for 2013 :-)

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