Friday 11 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 9 .Sand.... Sand is everywhere....

Went to St Heliers and not only saw tracks from other detectorist, but also enormous amount of sand everywhere.

Gave up and moved to Kohimarama to check a bit there - nothing....

Todays result after 2+ hours is 4$ and 3 crap earnings that are not worth posting the picture of.

There is always tomorrow :-)


  1. Can't win them all! Waiheke might be worth a try again as they should have had the crowds over the last couple of weeks?? Little O can produce at this time of year.

    By the way you still need another 2 gold rings! :)

    1. "By the way you still need another 2 gold rings! :)"
      GRRR... i know... and might be even 3 is Meggie comes back today with another one.... or more! :-(

      Andrew and i gonna go to Waiheke tomorrow, will txt Brett now to check if he is still there