Friday, 29 August 2014

Gold Mine at the drinking Spot

Last night i went to investigate couple of tiny spots that have a tree, a Banch and a grass area,
all about 10 squeare meters.

I am glad i went there :-) its my 3d hot drinking spot that i detected with an amazing result :

3 hours of going, nott to bad :-)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Auckland & Sydney Treasure Hunting - В поисках сокровищ

Heya all,

16-17 Of August were 2 days i detected in cold water here in Auckland... the result?

Saturday : 

2 Silver + small 9 CT ring , Seiko watch, still goes but corroded outside, will see if can salvage parts

Sunday :

Not so Lucky as Saturday, But overall a good hunt with 

Sydney Bondi Beach Day Out

So, the story goes this way, i went last week to Play the Grand Prix magic the Gathering and also pick up a friends' E-Track. With a bit shit weather i had only 1 day to detect before my tournament. Also i had only my Lesche and Pinpointer on top of E-track. 

IT was a beautiful day at the beach : 

As i didnt have any gear on me, it was very hard to do the wet sand , a lot of time had to deag with my hands :-( 

Here is an example of the 50c coint i found at 30+ sm 

 As you can see my Lesche is full length down in the hole

 after couple of hours we took a break for lunch, then i checked my finds for that part of the day (around 15:30)

Result was amazing, and i really wanted to get a TON (100$)
 for the day :

 So we went to the beach, the problem was that my battery was only 50% charged when i arrived and also no torch, so was very limited in time :-(

After about 30 minutes i scored a very nice 14 ct Asian marked ring : 

Targets were everywhere, but some deep. later i scored A nice Bow silver ring and... 
...Finally ... Australian 6d ! to complete my set ;-)

Unfortunately it got dark, battery almost flat and very cold, so we had to go back to our backpackers, 
I knew i was short of 100$ again.AGAIN :-( 

The total was 75$ : 

So Total change in ring count for the year is following 

Gold +2
Silver +3

Thanks for looking and happy hunting :-)

Friday, 15 August 2014

Finally! one item off Bucket List of Metal detecting Finds :-)

Hi guys,

It was a VERY hard 4 hours of detecting to get the below, but i am very very happy with it :-))

Total is 82 Coins :

8! rings + piece of pipe that looked like another ring

Here are  all cleaned UP : 

The Star of the Hunt : 8.86 22 CT English marked ring from 1915 !!!

And the Bucket List find? - I finally got my silver spoon! - marked 1916!

Thanks for looking :-)

Monday, 11 August 2014

Treasure Hunting New Zealand Winter 2014

Heya all, didn't post since my Failed trip to Thailand ;-(
It was so disappointing also its Winter in NZ,cold and Humid.
But I've decided to avoid procrastination and went for some detecting trips over past months,
Please watch my video see see all finds :-)

Here are some individual Photos from the Video as well: