Wednesday 27 August 2014

Auckland & Sydney Treasure Hunting - В поисках сокровищ

Heya all,

16-17 Of August were 2 days i detected in cold water here in Auckland... the result?

Saturday : 

2 Silver + small 9 CT ring , Seiko watch, still goes but corroded outside, will see if can salvage parts

Sunday :

Not so Lucky as Saturday, But overall a good hunt with 

Sydney Bondi Beach Day Out

So, the story goes this way, i went last week to Play the Grand Prix magic the Gathering and also pick up a friends' E-Track. With a bit shit weather i had only 1 day to detect before my tournament. Also i had only my Lesche and Pinpointer on top of E-track. 

IT was a beautiful day at the beach : 

As i didnt have any gear on me, it was very hard to do the wet sand , a lot of time had to deag with my hands :-( 

Here is an example of the 50c coint i found at 30+ sm 

 As you can see my Lesche is full length down in the hole

 after couple of hours we took a break for lunch, then i checked my finds for that part of the day (around 15:30)

Result was amazing, and i really wanted to get a TON (100$)
 for the day :

 So we went to the beach, the problem was that my battery was only 50% charged when i arrived and also no torch, so was very limited in time :-(

After about 30 minutes i scored a very nice 14 ct Asian marked ring : 

Targets were everywhere, but some deep. later i scored A nice Bow silver ring and... 
...Finally ... Australian 6d ! to complete my set ;-)

Unfortunately it got dark, battery almost flat and very cold, so we had to go back to our backpackers, 
I knew i was short of 100$ again.AGAIN :-( 

The total was 75$ : 

So Total change in ring count for the year is following 

Gold +2
Silver +3

Thanks for looking and happy hunting :-)

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