Tuesday, 26 February 2013

2013 Hunt#33 2 am hunt at Takapuna

Olly and i went to Takapuna last night (this night) ,

thought i would use my Excal in Pinpoint mode more....
bloody hell - so many Sprakles! dozens and dozens everywhere....... and deep!

Found silver sixpence, that i lost somewhere in Olly's car boot:-)

anyway... the reason for this marginal post is that i have found my old picture from 2005 where we had a costumed house warming party..

Guess what was my dress? ;-)

Happy Hunting all! Yarl!!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

When Ring is lost, whom you gonna call?

It is my weekend roster and i am locked up in the office to assure all of our voice services.
Nothing major was happening, when at 16:15 a got a call of distress from Al, who was staying at Browns Bay, enjoying the day (a lovely day i would say,here is Auckland),but unfortunately dropped his wedding ring into the dry sand and couldn't locate by himself.
As i couldn't go by myself - had to call out all of my team members to find who is available for recovery.

That person turned out to be Steve. Thanks Steve!

It didn't take too long for Steve to locate and reunite ring with its owner :

And once again, the day is saved, thanks for Metal Detecting :-)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

2013 Hunt#30,31,32 Found Enormous Chain with Locket!

Heya all,

Just an entree in my log book :-)
3 hunts, not much - total 10 hours spent.

Oh Yes, the Chain and the Locket - found at Long Bay :

Haha :-)

Tomorrow will be better.;-) Keep digging

Monday, 18 February 2013

2013 Hunt#29 Forever Love and lost God of Mission Bay

Heya All,

got my rosted day off today and decided to clean out mission bay all in one go - Wet sand and dry sand....
...Never again!...

But lest give you the whole story :0)

Woke up 6am, and first thought was - Nah.... lets stay in bed and detect in the eveninng (today is a day when low tides are 8am -8pm, so can do double low tide hunt), then i kicked that idea away , had  a fresh coffee and off me going to catch a bus .

Got to the beach 7-10 , and had about  half an hour before pick of low tide - so did mis mark first then start doing from the bottom up - spent about 1.5 hours doing that with a really marginal result - 1$ couple of blink pieces and a silver pendant with a pearl

. - there were very little targets (me and others clean out this beach very well) so i decided to test out my skill sin PinPoint Mode - preparing myself  for my future Pi machine..
...OMG! soo much crap! bottle tops, bobby pins, 10/20/50c pieces! (with excal on disc 1- all clad coins are nilled, but i can hear them, when plating bursts the tone, but usually i do not dig them)

so i walked 2 lines each way on the beach, netting about 2$ in clad and a stainless steel ring at the upper surf (usually i do not detect that side at this beach) :

I wasn't that upset, i did get a ring, and a silver pendant, but all my coins were only about 3$ and i need 3.4$ for the bus, so i decided to do couple of hours of dry sand for coins - glad i did!
got about 20$ (including 2$ AU) and a very nice Silver Cross on a chain :

But by the time i done maybe 50% of the dry sand- it turned noon and extremely hot, i almost finished my water bottle and got really hungry, not wanting to spend any money - i left beach and headed to watch company that just repaired my other good find - Seiko Sapphire that i found several month ago Chest deep during low tide . Check out this beauty ! :

And hear are all the finds for today :

No gold today, but i am pretty happy with how it all went today. gonna go for evening low tide as well,
so will post later tonight .

See you all at the beach!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

2013 Hunt#28 Takapuna, Gold#12

Meet up with Anton - a new member of our Auckland detecting community and another Russian :-)

Went to Takapuna for about 2.5 hours that became one of the best hunts for me this year so far!

You will ask why?

Because i got my Gold #12 for the year! and what a ring!

11.12 Grams of 18 Carat and yellow, not white, but really yellow :)
Had to make picture via magnifying glass as hallmarks are too tiny :

The rest of the finds include copper bracelet and a junk earring that i thought to be silver first.

Here is the Video :

Thanks for stopping by, see you at the beach!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

2013 Hunt#27 Mission Bay,chest deep during low tide ,Gold#11

I rushed to the beach right after work to catch the low tide as i really wanted to go deep.
I have found so far about 5 rings from below low tide mark at mission bay, so wanted to continue search there, unfortunately i get about 1 hour before i have to leave the area as its about half a meter of water every hour after tide is coming.

My efforts were not Fruitless ! :-) and i got this  pitch black 9ct old signet ring :

And that is after cleaning :

The rest of finds (+ full pouch of rubbish) -1$ and two 50c were found at wet sand on the way back - i didnt do much of it as we cleaned Mission bay on monday

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

2013 Hunt#26 Takapuna,wading to chest deep water

I really wanted to check out Takapuna for the below low tide mark.
It is interesting, very hard to do and a lot of sand at the moment.
I've spent about 2 hours enjoying water with a really marginal result :

So 2 houra - and all i got just 1 cent and a silver earring ...
oh well, there is always tomorrow 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

2013 Hunts#23,24,25 Metal detecting as stress relief


Not much to report on at the moment,

but lets start of with Hunt#23 - Bucklands Beaches,

Andrew and i decided to go on Thursday after public holiday, but someone beat us to it and we saw a numerous holes at settlement area (serf area and below tide), however knowing actual drop area at the beach i managed 3 rigs ,some crap jewelry and about 7$ right in the area with dozens of digs :
2 Silvers and a crap ring, Andrew Managed a Titanium band with CS, but no gold for us...

Hunt# 24 - Friday night with Olly at Takapuna.
Perfect Conditions, all light sand was washed away, but not much targets as i've cleaned out area pretty well over last Sunday and one day of waitangi day didn't deposit much stuff :

There were 2 crap rings, one disintegrated in my hands, the other is steel Skull ring with a glass as an eye :-)

And a Final Hunt was last night with Adrew at Mission Bay and Kohimarama on Outgoing and incoming tide at night - Nothing... both of us... there is a reason and i know why.. the actual technical part of detecting those beaches, that i can disclose to anyone if you come with me detecting ;-)

There were 2 eye finds as well, 2 bracelets , one is from soem sort of stone/glass that has dragon on it, a pity that it is damaged...

See you soon with cool finds!

Monday, 4 February 2013

2013 Hunts#20,21,22 Total 9 Hours of beach Cardio :-)

Good Day everyone,
Thank you friends for supporting me during some serious stress time i am going through :-)

So the weekend started at 3:30 AM on Saturday morning when Brett picked me up for a first stop at Long Bay.
4:15 we geared up and meet up with Steve, who was ahead of Dan. Spent about 1 hour at the middle to lower tide limit with almost no finds. Beach is so heavy sanded in with light fluffy shell sand, that even bear tops and pull tabs were 2 scoops deep! crazy! Brett pulled couple fo dollars , i got 20c and 50c from 3 scoops down and even Dan with PI machine gave up shortly, so we all decided to move to Waiake Bay.

5:30 Waiake Bay :
Dan shoots first to the beach while Brett rushing to restroom and i am adjusting m Excal.
in 3 minutes when we all were at the beach, Dan already found Silver Sixpence as the beach lost its fluffy sand and was down to rock base... I got all very excited....but...
HEAVY mineralization base.. so Brett and i couldn't do it at all (both of us with Excals,Steve with Explorer, while Dan has Sea Hunter PI)
So it still was time before pick of low tide and we moved to Browns Bay where we spent the rest of the morning till 8:15 .
I got 2 silver rings and some other bits and bops...

08:30 Brett kindly dropped me off at the Dive shop , for me first Open water Dive :-)
So had half a day at the Lake doing the course and returned home around 1-2 pm

The day was so hot and nice that was sure Mission bay was full of people, also the Auckland Detecting Club was planning for Sunday Morning detect there, so i decided to go and do all wet sand in the evening (the tide was right for the weekend- High during the day and low in the evening, so drop zone is right where you can go on wet sand)
And i am glad i Did!, 2.5 hours produced just over 10$, 2 Silver Rings and my First 14ct Gold #9 for the year:

The above Chanel blink Pendant gave me chills when i found it , but knowing that NZ person wouldn't have such money for real thing, i dropped all dreams about it being gold. IF such item was found somewhere in USA, then yes. chances are high to be gold with stones... not in NZ.

I had my Final open water Dive in the Morning and a lunch with Friends on a day, so no morning detect for me,
but thinking that 2 super hot sunny days should bring good results at the beach- headed to Takapuna in the evening.
Spent 3 hours, meet Katherine from Te Hai detecting Club , shared couple of stories and techniques
Here are my Finds from Takapuna :

SO what we got here are:
* Junk ring
* stainless steel ring
* Silver Ring
* part of heavy Silver Bracelet (25g)
* and and and!!!!!.... another 9 ct ring with stones (will test later) - My gold Number 10!

I have several Videos from the weekend that i need to process and upload to my Youtube Channel. Stand by for those.

Thanks again for support, see you at the beach!

Friday, 1 February 2013

2013 Hunt# 18-wasted 6hours,nothing, But Hunt# 19 Is Fruitfull!

Good Day everyone,
Had to sort personal stuff, so was away for a week from Metal detecting,
Through the week i was receiving multiple messages from MD buddies recovering rings,,rings and more rings....So yesterday i could't wait anymore :-)

Went to Takapuna Beach(still sanded in-had to go slowly for deep targets) right after work around 4:30 pm, so had to run from tide, :-(
The First good find was an awesome  Wenger 100m waterproof watch, then 9 Ct gold Ring(gold#8 fir the year)

Wenger Swiss Army Commando Traveler GMT :

I am going to change battery and the band and use it as my metal detecting watch :-)

The ring:

All other finds, including fossilized cell phone :-) Silver earring and another Junk Ring
Thanks for stopping by, Video will be posted later on :-)

Small Update:
New Battery: 25$ fit (had to bring watch to watch master to double check tht no water inside and do everything gently)
NEw Stainless steel Band :33$ (tried to find cheap 10$ watch around town and all with crappy bands)

so total 58$ and i have 100m waterproof Metal Detecting Watch :