Sunday 10 February 2013

2013 Hunts#23,24,25 Metal detecting as stress relief


Not much to report on at the moment,

but lets start of with Hunt#23 - Bucklands Beaches,

Andrew and i decided to go on Thursday after public holiday, but someone beat us to it and we saw a numerous holes at settlement area (serf area and below tide), however knowing actual drop area at the beach i managed 3 rigs ,some crap jewelry and about 7$ right in the area with dozens of digs :
2 Silvers and a crap ring, Andrew Managed a Titanium band with CS, but no gold for us...

Hunt# 24 - Friday night with Olly at Takapuna.
Perfect Conditions, all light sand was washed away, but not much targets as i've cleaned out area pretty well over last Sunday and one day of waitangi day didn't deposit much stuff :

There were 2 crap rings, one disintegrated in my hands, the other is steel Skull ring with a glass as an eye :-)

And a Final Hunt was last night with Adrew at Mission Bay and Kohimarama on Outgoing and incoming tide at night - Nothing... both of us... there is a reason and i know why.. the actual technical part of detecting those beaches, that i can disclose to anyone if you come with me detecting ;-)

There were 2 eye finds as well, 2 bracelets , one is from soem sort of stone/glass that has dragon on it, a pity that it is damaged...

See you soon with cool finds!

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