Monday 18 February 2013

2013 Hunt#29 Forever Love and lost God of Mission Bay

Heya All,

got my rosted day off today and decided to clean out mission bay all in one go - Wet sand and dry sand....
...Never again!...

But lest give you the whole story :0)

Woke up 6am, and first thought was - Nah.... lets stay in bed and detect in the eveninng (today is a day when low tides are 8am -8pm, so can do double low tide hunt), then i kicked that idea away , had  a fresh coffee and off me going to catch a bus .

Got to the beach 7-10 , and had about  half an hour before pick of low tide - so did mis mark first then start doing from the bottom up - spent about 1.5 hours doing that with a really marginal result - 1$ couple of blink pieces and a silver pendant with a pearl

. - there were very little targets (me and others clean out this beach very well) so i decided to test out my skill sin PinPoint Mode - preparing myself  for my future Pi machine..
...OMG! soo much crap! bottle tops, bobby pins, 10/20/50c pieces! (with excal on disc 1- all clad coins are nilled, but i can hear them, when plating bursts the tone, but usually i do not dig them)

so i walked 2 lines each way on the beach, netting about 2$ in clad and a stainless steel ring at the upper surf (usually i do not detect that side at this beach) :

I wasn't that upset, i did get a ring, and a silver pendant, but all my coins were only about 3$ and i need 3.4$ for the bus, so i decided to do couple of hours of dry sand for coins - glad i did!
got about 20$ (including 2$ AU) and a very nice Silver Cross on a chain :

But by the time i done maybe 50% of the dry sand- it turned noon and extremely hot, i almost finished my water bottle and got really hungry, not wanting to spend any money - i left beach and headed to watch company that just repaired my other good find - Seiko Sapphire that i found several month ago Chest deep during low tide . Check out this beauty ! :

And hear are all the finds for today :

No gold today, but i am pretty happy with how it all went today. gonna go for evening low tide as well,
so will post later tonight .

See you all at the beach!


  1. After all the hours you have put in since Christmas Max your ears must be really tuned in to the sounds.

    1. Yap, and i would add-that old Blockes are right about detectors with sound, you do not need to look at VDI, just hear it. that is why SOV GT is one of the best machines, still.

    2. Yes Sov gt was / is very popular but has been discontinued. For me with my hearing not so good now, I like the numbers as an extra tool when hunting. It can often work the other way too, dig on the numbers not the sound.

  2. You scored much better then my mornings hunt today - 70c, 1 Penny, and enough old decimals to start up a 1960's bank.....

    When things are sanding in I used to find the dry sand to be the better bet.