Saturday 16 February 2013

2013 Hunt#27 Mission Bay,chest deep during low tide ,Gold#11

I rushed to the beach right after work to catch the low tide as i really wanted to go deep.
I have found so far about 5 rings from below low tide mark at mission bay, so wanted to continue search there, unfortunately i get about 1 hour before i have to leave the area as its about half a meter of water every hour after tide is coming.

My efforts were not Fruitless ! :-) and i got this  pitch black 9ct old signet ring :

And that is after cleaning :

The rest of finds (+ full pouch of rubbish) -1$ and two 50c were found at wet sand on the way back - i didnt do much of it as we cleaned Mission bay on monday

Thanks for stopping by! :-)


  1. Congrats Midas!

    When you "go deep" is it chest, shoulder, neck? And do you wear a weight belt?

    1. I do not, as i do not have one yet- and i am really struggling.
      I have about 12 KG of lead sinkers now + andrew has some.
      Andrew and i will melt down and make weight belts

    2. I have $109 worth of lead sinkers now, there in a bucket at Waiheke.... think it was 67 kgs or so.. I got keen when I worked it out so now Im keeping all the brass and copper to.. thats about $7 a kg or so.

  2. Good one Max.
    Beats my $15 park cash eh.

    1. I do not want to chase out coins , as i defo get better value, chasing rings ;-)

    2. Yeah sure. It is still all good fun though.

  3. Nice old ring,good skills Max