Tuesday 26 February 2013

2013 Hunt#33 2 am hunt at Takapuna

Olly and i went to Takapuna last night (this night) ,

thought i would use my Excal in Pinpoint mode more....
bloody hell - so many Sprakles! dozens and dozens everywhere....... and deep!

Found silver sixpence, that i lost somewhere in Olly's car boot:-)

anyway... the reason for this marginal post is that i have found my old picture from 2005 where we had a costumed house warming party..

Guess what was my dress? ;-)

Happy Hunting all! Yarl!!


  1. I dare you to wear that Pirate outfit while detecting Max. :-)

    1. Actually, Andrew and I had an idea of dressign as Pirates and go look metal detecting during the day when beach is full of people and kids :-)

      A better idea is to get as many as possible metal detecting guys and all dress up and go :-) would be halarious

    2. oh no, no just you on your own I think thanks. :-)

    3. It could be fun.... we would all need to speak only Russian to make it authentic ...

  2. Looks a bit like some mad Russian Pirate treasure hunter... now you just need to swap the cutlass for an Excalibur and the picture will be fully accurate.

  3. Is that a new sort of Lesche you are holding?