Friday 1 February 2013

2013 Hunt# 18-wasted 6hours,nothing, But Hunt# 19 Is Fruitfull!

Good Day everyone,
Had to sort personal stuff, so was away for a week from Metal detecting,
Through the week i was receiving multiple messages from MD buddies recovering rings,,rings and more rings....So yesterday i could't wait anymore :-)

Went to Takapuna Beach(still sanded in-had to go slowly for deep targets) right after work around 4:30 pm, so had to run from tide, :-(
The First good find was an awesome  Wenger 100m waterproof watch, then 9 Ct gold Ring(gold#8 fir the year)

Wenger Swiss Army Commando Traveler GMT :

I am going to change battery and the band and use it as my metal detecting watch :-)

The ring:

All other finds, including fossilized cell phone :-) Silver earring and another Junk Ring
Thanks for stopping by, Video will be posted later on :-)

Small Update:
New Battery: 25$ fit (had to bring watch to watch master to double check tht no water inside and do everything gently)
NEw Stainless steel Band :33$ (tried to find cheap 10$ watch around town and all with crappy bands)

so total 58$ and i have 100m waterproof Metal Detecting Watch :


  1. Good hunting Max.
    Like the watch.

    1. Chris , what happened to your outings? haven't seen any posts in Ages!
      Do you want to go out with for a hunt ? ;-)

  2. Yeah you are right Max I have not been able to get out much recently and
    so my results for January are quite pitiful compared to last January.
    Hope to get out again soon - will give you a call.
    FYI trying to get my new website live today.

  3. Nice watch. Retails at $400-$450 so its a better find then most Gold! I've only found one usable watch and that was ladies cheap one.

    By the way you're 1 behind Meggie in the shoot out again!- just rubbing it in :)

    1. I didnt detect for 8 days. had to sort some personal stuff.
      Hopefully i will catch up and get the lead again soon :-)

  4. cool watch, it something I have to look forward to is a decent watch..