Saturday 12 January 2013

2013 Hunt# 10 , Christmas gift 86 years ago.

Hi all,

Trying to keep up with my Austrlain Detecting members in the

****** 2013 Great Aussie Gold Ring Shootout Comp ******

So, 2 events happened today :
1,st i tried to do a ring recovery for a Lady who lost a ring at a very difficult beach, that is located next to the main port and is polluted with lean and copper scraps... everywhere.... spent about 40 minutes, fruitless :-(
very sad about it.. The Lady and her partner are very kind people and presented me a gift bag with a box of chocolate and a bottle of wine for the effort, even that i didnt find the ring. (the bottle of wine is going to Brett , who actually gave my number out.)
Once again, thank you guys.

The second event is that i went to do water detecting at Takapuna as i already cleaned out wet sand the other day and low tide is right in the middle of the day, so all people swim below low tide mark. To find something - had to go in the water... and ...nothing... it is hard to cover an area in the water, so i tiredkeep at weist -chest deep exactly where all people are... nothing....

..... Decided to go to wet sand at the not so popular part of the beach . instead of doing water-beach grind, i decided to do spiral from the half way....

And i got lucky! its is absolutely tiny -tiny signet  ring that doesn't even go on my pinky - and my fingers are really slim. :

It was already with green stuff on it- old old ring....
.. so when i cleaned from inside- i was amazed with the date on it! 25/12/27 !
can you imagine  how many years it spent in the sand!

And last bit , the Square ring from Devonport turned out to be silver and not junk (after i decided to put it through electrolyze - came out nice and shine, sorry no clean picture-forgot to make, next time ) - changing my silver/junk count

And here is final picture of today finds :

The hart shape thing - is plated copper piercing. looks OK to be honest,

Thanks for reading :-)


  1. You're 1st equal - at least till Meggie gets back from today's hunt.... :)

    Good going with the JR attempt! Reckon that ring might have been a child's?

  2. Nice one Max.
    I see you have been doing very well over the holidays with
    lots of rings. Well done.
    Me? not so good really.
    Might post tomorrow night.