Wednesday 26 December 2012

S. Hague Smith Penny Traders Token

Hey all,

Had a quick hunt with my Etrac before work in a local park fro about 2 hours between the showers.
Pretty pleased with the result as i got 13$. Very worn out Victorian 3 pence,
But the find of the day for me is a following S. Hague Smith Penny Traders Token

Unfortuantely it has rarity 2 (common)

But still pretty good :

here is a picture from the Link :

Thanks for stopping by


  1. That token is a cool find Max as it is still legible. I have a couple of tokens but really hard to read.

  2. yes i have a couple which are pretty ilegible too, plus one good one, neat bit of nz history

  3. Nice token Max,they are always collectable