Wednesday 5 December 2012

RIP Garret Pro Pointer

Just a lesson for everyone, i think.
Try not to get it wet, spend some time and even replace and seal the button
Regardless that it is 100% must have product - the design of the button is Crap.
so here are the picture of my broken one (i snapped switch on button as well) but the issue is that it is completely wet and partially corroded inside. The coil part is glued so can not take it out.

Will try out Probe 25 and also will be looking to buy Underwater Vibra Probe for next year


  1. Mine started to play up 6 months after I got it and I sent it in under warranty. They fixed it without question even though I know for sure it was moisture that caused the problem (I had drowned it a few times).

    When it returned I sealed it with silicone and have had no problems the last 16 months despite not hesitating to use it in shallow water.

    Pity you snapped the switch as sending it in under warranty may have still worked.

    1. I think you were lucky Grant as it would usually be easy to see if it was water damage. I originally bought 2 to cover failure in the field. The switch packed up on the first one after about 18 months use. So far the second is still OK but I suppose it will eventually go the same way.Like Max I think I will try the Pro Find 25 next.