Saturday 22 December 2012

Ring Recovery for John L, Kohimarama, Auckland

Got a call from John who got my number from a fellow detectorist Brett.John dropped his wedding band into swells during high tide. Good thing- he noted exact line towards beach/trees and was able to give details  to me upon arrival. Another good thing that he called samme day and not 3-10 tides after as beaches are now sanded in with light sand and gold would sing pretty fast.

Anyway, this time it took only several swings from top high tide mark down to hear a sweet tone :-)  (Not always lucky like that)

Thank you John for your generous reward and also thank you Brett for giving out my number.

But evening didnt finish right there :-) I decided to spend couple of hours  at the beach as the tide was going out , weather is warm , no wind and a coming cyclone that will spoil the rest of the weekend.

Within 10 minutes i got a nice 4 gram silver ring and just 15 minutes after old drop gold ring 5.5 gram 9 ct,
the ring is probably from last year or earlier as alloy started to separate (you can see green oxidation on the ring)

So not to bad for the evening :-)

I still have a request to find another wedding ring at Takapuna, but that one i've spent already 2 tides without success as the area too trashy :-( nd it is over ankle deep during low tide.... So it is really hard to grind area :-(

But maybe.. maybe i will find it..
Thanks for stopping by


  1. Maybe your new nickname should be Max Dyson because your always sucking up the Gold. :-)
    Well done.

    1. It is out there, even from last year and last 50 years.. still in the sand...
      Like the ring above and rings from Waiheke.

      Every time before i go out- i watch one of the Chicagoron videos or MAggie posts from AU forum... to get me motivated :-)